File photograph of the airport on Spain’s Costa del Sol. / ÑITO SALAS

Malaga to receive 11 repatriation flights after Morocco closes commercial airspace due to Omicron fears

Some 1,000 Spanish citizens are trapped after the country halted international passenger flights for two weeks, last Sunday


Around 1,000 Spanish citizens are currently trapped in Morocco after the country decided to close its airspace as a preventive measure against the arrival of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19. The Spanish embassy in Rabat is now busy organising repatriation flights with airlines so that Spanish citizens can leave the country.

It has been confirmed that Malaga airport will be part of the evacuation plan, receiving a total of eleven flights in the coming days. Specifically, they will be flights chartered by the Air Arabia company, which will depart from the cities of Rabat and Tangier.

The first flight, in fact, arrived on the Costa del Sol from Nador on Wednesday afternoon. And, from today (2 December) until Monday, the airline has scheduled a daily flight from Nador to Malaga. Another five flights will also depart from Tangier, according to the airline.

"Fully prepared"

Official sources at Malaga have confirmed to SUR that the airport "is fully prepared" to receive these flights, pointing out that Aena does get directly involved in the process, but that it is the airlines that decide in which cities they want to land. In addition to Malaga, there are three Spanish cities that will receive flights from Morocco: Madrid, Barcelona and Murcia.