Electric scooters in one of the parking areas in the city. / ÑITO SALAS

Malaga to charge 23.15 euros for every electric scooter removed from the street

The bylaw introduced to regulate the removal of personal-use vehicles and transfer them to the municipal vehicle pound comes into effect tomorrow, Tuesday


A new bylaw that will regulate a collection service to remove electric scooters from non-designated parking areas will come into effect tomorrow Tuesday. The firm responsible for carrying out the service, Sociedad Municipal de Aparcamientos (Smassa), will charge 23.15 euros for every scooter it removes from public roads, as well as 3.83 euros for every day that each one remains in the municipal vehicle pound. In the case that the owner of a scooter arrives as it's being taken, the charge will be reduced to 14.02 euros.

These removal charges are on top of the fines that can be issued by the Local Police for electric scooters being parked outside non-designated parking areas. Rental firms can be fined up to 200 euros if a scooter is left on a pavement or pedestrianised area and 90 euros if left anywhere other than the around 30 scooter parking places in the city.

The new removal charges, which can be viewed in this Monday's official province bulletin (BOP), the city council now considers electric scooters to be on a par with mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles when it comes to towing them away.

As for other types of vehicles, the price remains the same: a car will cost 74.24 euros to tow away, 57.94 euros to unlock and 11.74 euros for every day it spends in the municipal pound.

This new bylaw comes into effect after the Local Police have spent three years removing and fining companies in charge of electric scooters. Until now, the authorities had the power to remove and levy a fine if said vehicles were located outside of designated parking zones. Now the owners will also be charged for the removal as well as the recovery.