Police reviewed the video recorded by a neighbour. / SUR

Two girls arrested for setting fire to half a dozen waste bins in Malaga

Officers apprehended the teenagers who were dressed in black and carrying ten lighters in their pockets


The police identified two girls who appeared in a video recorded by a resident who saw them setting fire to a rubbish bin in the Santa Rosalía area of Malaga city. They were dressed in black and acting suspiciously and when stopped by police, were found to be carrying ten lighters in their pockets.

The arrest took place on 26 December. At about 11pm, the 092 room of the Local Police received a call to say there was a burning rubbish container in Ronda de Saliente street. The city's fire brigade was also mobilised.

While the firefighters were dealing with the flames, the police interviewed the neighbours, who told them that moments before they themselves had put out a fire in another container.

They also told them that they had seen the two responsible for the fire and that they appeared to be two teenage girls dressed in black. They were loitering in the area while flicking a lighter in their hands.

Just at that moment, two young women who matched the description passed through the area, heading towards Cantar de los Cantares street. The local policemen stopped them and they turned out to be two minors of 15 and 16 years of age of Spanish nationality. When they were asked to remove whatever they had in their pockets, ten lighters were seized.

One of the neighbours interviewed by police said that they had videoed the girls approaching the bin and setting fire to the contents. This wasn't all, the man also had a video from the previous day showing the two teenage girls, together with a third who is yet to be identified, setting fire to one of the bins. The residents put this fire out themselves.

Accused of setting fire to around half a dozen bins in the area, the two girls confessed to burning only two. The investigation remains open to find who is responsible for damaging the other four bins.

According to Limasam (Limpieza de Málaga S.A.M), the damage caused to the six containers amounted to 4,143.95 euros. That's 715.79 euros for each of the five organic waste bins and 565 euros for the paper bin.