This fog, this Tuesday morning, in Malaga. / ÑITO SALAS

Dense fog causes two-hour delays at Malaga's Costa del Sol airport

The airport operator, Aena, is now clearing a backlog of delayed flights


Dense fog has caused delays for both arrivals and departures of up to two hours at Malaga airport.

The airport was put on a level red alert earlier this morning (4 January) meaning that planes due to leave or arrive after 6am could not do so.

The fog was so thick passengers said even road signs on their journeys to the airport were obscured. The fog dissipated at around 10am, leaving the airport to handle a backlog of flights.

Airport operations company Aena said that the schedule at Malaga airport is now starting to return to normal. Only one service was cancelled because of the fog, a helicopter due to fly Ceuta.

The dense 'taró' fog along the Costa de Sol is caused by warm air moving over the cold sea.

The scene at the airport.