Delivery man in Malaga who stole 60 fitness machines arrested

Treadmills and exercise bikes worth more than 500 euros each were on sale for just 30 euros


Police in Malaga have arrested a 36-year-old delivery driver who is alleged to have stolen sports equipment worth almost 20,000 euros from his employer.

The head of the transport company he worked for alerted police in November when he noticed items were disappearing from his warehouse.

Investigating police, who reviewed security camera footage, soon noticed the suspect was using off-peak work hours to get hold of up to 60 packages including exercise bikes and treadmills worth more than 18,800 euros.

When he was arrested, the delivery driver told police he had an outstanding loan to an acquaintance who was now extorting him. Police investigated further, but nothing about the story was true.

Police determined that the suspect stole with the sole intention of financial benefit even though he was planning to sell the expensive sports equipment for as little as 30 euros. His case has been sent to the courts.