Christmas lights in Malaga's Calle Larios: how they've changed since 1999

Christmas lights in Malaga's Calle Larios: how they've changed since 1999

Since the city's famous street was pedestrianised the Christmas lights in Calle Larios have transformed to become an iconic festive attraction. Here's a look back at the last two decades

Alba Martín Campos

Friday, 16 December 2022, 15:21


From floral motifs and shiny bells to a gothic cathedral, a starry sky or enchanted forest. The Christmas lights in Calle Larios are now one of the city's tourist attractions, but they haven't always shone so brightly. In recent years, the Christmas decoration in Malaga's main street has gone from classical garlands to light and sound shows. Here's a look at the lights from 1999 to this year.


Simple classical decorations

Calle Larios, before it was pedestrianised, with its festive lights.



Garlands again

Malaga got the same decorations out as the previous year.

Salvador Salas



Even though the street was still open to traffic, the lights were brighter and more impressive, with stars formed by tiny light bulbs.

Carlos Moret


No cars and bright bells

The first Christmas lights above the pedestrianised Calle Larios had a more sophisticated design with bells, holly leaves and pine cones.

Fernando González


From bells to flowers and more colour

In 2003, the city council decorated the street with white, red and green flowers.

Nito Salas


A canopy of blue and white stars

In a similar style to previous years, in 2004, blue was the dominant colour and the lampposts were decorated with poinsettias.

Salvador Salas


New design, same flowers

The flowers designed for the illuminations of Christmas 2003 returned to Calle Larios in 2005.

Carlos Moret


Red flowers take centre stage

Calle Larios shone again in 2006 with similar colours to the previous year but in a different style. Poinsettias accompanied the lights for the third year running.

Salvador Salas


Back to white

White stars, this time with eight points, were back in Calle Larios in 2007.

Salvador Salas


Angels and trumpets

2008 saw a change in the lights. Instead of flowers, bells or stars there were angels.

Carlos Moret


Ribbons overhead

The switching-on of the Christmas lights in Malaga was starting to attract more crowds in Calle Larios. This was the first year that LED bulbs were used.

Carlos Moret


The same lights as in 2009

Calle Larios was decorated with the same red and white arches as the previous year. The switch-on was marred by rain.

Carlos Moret


Arches from the ground

In 2011, the street was decorated with 18 arches made with an aluminium structure which stretched up nine metres from the ground.

Ñito Salas


One more year

The same lights from 2011 came out again for 2012.

Salvador Salas


A modernist look

There was a new design for 2013, once again using LED bulbs.

Salvador Salas


A cathedral

The 2014 design was a turning point for the Christmas decorations in the street. The pointed arches, which stretched up from the ground, looked like a gothic cathedral.

Nito Salas


A starry sky

In 2015, the lights came in the form of a starry sky full of moons and stars.

Salvador Salas


The first music and light show

A bright tunnel shone in the centre of Calle Larios.

Salvador Salas


Another cathedral - Malaga's

Another design made to look like a church. Stained-glass windows and domes were reproductions of some in Malaga cathedral.

Fernando González


The cathedral is back again

The music show changed but the lights were the same as the previous year's.

Migue Fernández


A Christmas forest

Calle Larios became a Christmas forest in 2019 with three music and light shows every day.

Migue Fernández


Same lights, strange Christmas

The first Christmas in Malaga in the pandemic saw the same lights put up again in Calle Larios.

Nito Salas


The enchanted forest for the third year running

En 2021, with another Christmas affected by the pandemic, the same lights were used again in Calle Larios. The music and light shows returned after being cancelled the previous year.

Nito Salas


Angels and gold

Sixteen celestial angels watch over Calle Larios, shining in white and gold, with a music and light show three times every evening.

Salvador Salas

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