The firm specialises in connectivity for driverless vehicles. / SUR

British startup specialising in driverless car connectivity arrives at Malaga TechPark

The UK company will set up in the Green Ray building, with an initial team of four beginning to work in 2022


Malaga TechPark has said that the University of Malaga and its tech partners Dekra and Telefónica, have been key to Britain's Darwin Innovation Group setting up shop there. The UK company will have four people working from the first part of next year in The Green Ray building, which is administered jointly by the university and the technology park.

The firm plans to have 10 employees by the end of next year. Its work focuses on communication and connectivity for existing technology, such as drones and especially self-driving cars.

The company hopes to bring opportunities for rural areas with its research. Cars with Darwin technology can switch easily between satellite and 5G, making control there easier.

"Opening the Darwin office in Malaga was a very easy decision," said the company.

"The University of Malaga is an excellent partner to enrich the Darwin team with exceptional graduates in the fields of urban planning, engineering and information technology." The firm added that it was grateful for the warm welcome received.