File image of Malaga firefighters. / SUR

Arsonist arrested while filming the fire brigade tackling a blaze he started

The detained individual allegedly threatened police officers and firefighters at the scene of a fire in Malaga


Local Police officers in Malaga arrested a man when he was recording firefighters putting out a blaze that he himself had started in the El Bulto district of the city.

The incident happened at around 10.30pm on 27 December, when a caller alerted the 092 Local Police hotline to a burning rubbish container. The eye witness also gave a description of the person who allegedly started the blaze.

At the scene it didn’t take police long to find the suspect, in the vicinity if another fire, this time involving wooden pallets. He was spotted recording the firefighters tackling the blaze on his mobile phone. He saw the police arrive and tried to flee the scene, but was stopped a short distance away. When he was searched he was found to be carrying a lighter, with traces of soot on it.

The individual, a 42-year-old man, admitted what he had done, but then became aggressive and started threatening the police officers and the firefighters, before he was arrested.

According to the Local Police the value of the damage to the rubbish container amounts to 1,276 euros.