Part of the operation in Marbella.

Italian mafia members detained on the Costa del Sol for kidnapping

The Guardia Civil carried out two arrests in Mijas and Marbella in connection with events in Alicante


The Guardia Civil have detained four people linked to the Napoli mafia with two arrests carried out in Mijas and Marbella in December.

The major operation began after a drugs stash was stolen by a rival gang and a man was kidnapped last April in the Alicante town of Callosa de Segura.

After being held for four days the victim escaped from his violent kidnappers and went to the San Juan de Alicante police station to report his abduction. The alleged perpetrators reportedly caused several injuries to the victim and deprived him of basic food.


The investigation was then taken over by the Guardia Civil in Alicante, which started the operation known as Estratavo. In the first phase, officers located the two houses where the victim was held, in Callosa de Segura and El Campello.

It was in the latter town where, after carrying out house searches, they arrested a 55-year-old woman of Italian origin. She was the sister of the alleged ringleader of the plot who was arrested on 1 August in Valencia. This alleged leader, a 54-year-old man, has been linked to the Napoli mafia.

Costa del Sol

The Estratavo operation subsequently traced two other male gang members to the Costa del Sol where one of the alleged kidnappers was arrested on 12 December in Mijas. Eight days later, a huge operation was deployed in Marbella to capture the fourth suspect.

The latter took cover in a house in the area of El Trapiche and was arrested after an operation involving officers of the Rapid Action Group – historically linked to the fight against terrorism – and drones.

The detainees are charged with crimes of kidnapping, injury and membership of a criminal group and are being investigated by a court in Orihuela. The three male members of the gang are being held on remand.