The small size is on sale now, but the larger ones will arrive nearer Christmas. francis silva
Christmas comes early to some supermarkets in Malaga and customers are snapping up the festive cakes

Christmas comes early to some supermarkets in Malaga and customers are snapping up the festive cakes

Stores which are part of the Más chain have started stocking a small version of the ‘roscones de Reyes’, which is traditionally eaten on Three Kings Day, 6 January

Juan Cano


Thursday, 29 September 2022, 08:01


Soak up the sun, go for a swim, eat an ice-cream and enjoy the first piece of ‘Roscón de Reyes’ since… well, January. All these are possible in Malaga at present, because some supermarkets have decided Christmas has come early and are selling traditional festive treats already.

The Más chain, for example, which has 11 stores in the province, is selling the Roscón de Reyes, a cake which is tradtionally eaten on Three Kings Day, 6 January. At the moment, however, they are only stocking the small size.

Although many supermarkets do normally start selling Christmas products quite early, especially turrón (nougat), and there is some competition to see who does it first, roscón is not normally one of them. Because it is quite delicate, is associated with one particular day of the year and doesn’t have a long shelf-life, it has always been difficult to find until early January. Until now, that is.

The stores who are currently selling them in Malaga city say they have brought the date forward a couple of weeks because they normally stock them from mid-October, and customers are very pleased. One Más supermarket in the city centre sold nearly 20 in three days. “Children love them and as soon as they see them they start asking for one,” they said.

Larger ones nearer Christmas

Más is selling the cream-filled roscones for 3.50 euros, but say there will be others with different fillings from next week. The larger sizes will not be available until nearer Christmas. The ones they are selling now don’t even have the traditional figure of a king or a bean inside. “It’s just for people to have a taste of what is to come, and there’s no need to stick to one particular time of year,” they said.

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