It will cost less to use the toll motorway until Easter next year. / sur

Tolls on the Costa del Sol's AP-7 motorway are about to be reduced to low season rates

The A-46 Las Pedrizas motorway will also be cheaper to use from 1 October and will remain free during the night


Autumn has arrived and tolls on the Costa del Sol motorway (AP-7) are about to reduce to low season rates which will continue until Easter next year, when the peak season begins again. During the summer the journey between Fuengirola (where the toll section starts) and Marbella has cost 7.85 euros, and 13.15 euros between Fuengirola and Estepona.

The low season will begin on 1 October, when the cost of using the toll motorway will be 4.80 euros to Marbella and 8.10 euros to Estepona. Regular users can also benefit from discounts ranging from 5% (for those who make between 11 and 15 journeys a month) to 50% (36 journeys or more a month).

These prices are for cars. Category One heavy goods vehicles have to pay a fixed price of 7.85 euros (to Marbella) all year round, and for larger lorries the rate is 9.65 euros.


Fuengirola - Marbella 7.85 euros Marbella - Estepona 5.30 euros Estepona - Algeciras 3.45 euros

Full amount 16.60 euros

* Rates for the year 2022, light vehicles.


Fuengirola - Marbella 4.80 euros Marbella-Estepona 3.30 euros Estepona-Algeciras 2.10 euros

Full amount 10.20 euros

* Rates for the year 2022, light vehicles.

Las Pedrizas will be cheaper too

Meanwhile Las Pedrizas motorway (AP-46), which costs 5.40 euros in peak season (from May to October), will also be cheaper to use. Travelling from Malaga towards Antequera will cost 3.55 euros from 1 October. This is one of the few toll motorways which is free to use at night (between midnight and 6am for cars and between 10pm and 8am for heavy goods vehicles), and this will continue through the low season.