White slopes and blue skies

White slopes and blue skies

Fun in the snow ·

Skiing is not often associated with 'sunny Spain' but the excellent resorts are suitable for experts and beginners alike


Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 10:59

Winter arrives, the first snow falls and although many of us in Andalucía are lucky enough to have the Sierra Nevada ski resort within easy reach, for those considering a skiing holiday there are also other options available without leaving Spain. In recent years skiing has become increasingly popular in this country and, although it is a sport which requires skill, some level of fitness and good equipment, it is still something that absolute beginners can enjoy.

Skiing is much more than a winter sport. It is the perfect excuse to head for the mountains with the family, friends, as a couple or even on your own. Because skiing goes beyond testing your muscles, your resistance to the cold and how good you are at getting up early. When you go skiing you also get to enjoy après-ski with good music, relax in a spa, enjoy the local cuisine or even play cards in an apartment with friends. Have I convinced you? Good, then let's look at the most important thing now: how to enjoy the snow even when you are a beginner.

Where to ski

It doesn't matter whether this is your first time in the snow or whether you are already an expert skier, the choice of ski station will make or break your winter getaway. The quality of the snow and the condition of the infrastructure are determining factors for practising this sport. Wherever you decide to go, a resort with a large, well-cared-for area for beginners and a good ski school are essential if you are new at this sport. Luckily, in Spain there are some to suit all tastes and levels.

Skiiers in Formigal, in the Pyrenees mountains in the Aragón region. SUR

The Pyrenees in Aragón can boast some of the best ski resorts for beginners, such as Formigal-Panticosa and Candanchú. The first has the most skiable kilometres and the most modern facilities on this side of the mountain range. The second, although it is smaller, has a long tradition behind it and can also boast a large area for beginners.

The Catalan Pyrenees is another good option: Baqueira Beret has a good reputation as a resort that caters for inexperienced skiers and, as it is on the north face of the mountain, the quality of snow is guaranteed to be excellent during the entire season.

At the other geographical extreme, and closer to home, Spain also has the Sierra Nevada in Granada province, which is the most southerly ski resort in Europe. This is the favourite of many skiers because of the wonderful climate and excellent snow, and it has no reason to envy bigger winter sports destinations. Its Borreguiles area is perfect for those who are new to skiing.

The easier slopes in Sierra Nevada are favourites with beginners. SUR


The vast majority of sports require some type of technical and specific equipment, and skiing is no exception. Skis (or a snowboard), boots and helmet are essential, and luckily they can be rented at the ski station. Renting is convenient and also a great advantage when choosing the most suitable skis for someone at your level before taking the definitive step of buying your own equipment.

In these shops at the foot of the slopes you can also buy, or rent in many cases, other types of accessories that you will need, such as gloves, hats, sunglasses and even jackets and trousers.

This means there is no reason why you can't have a fantastic day skiing. However, we would recommend that you pack thermal and breathable clothing in your suitcase.

Lessons with an instructor

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an expert skier in the family or group of friends, so if you are really interested in making progress in this entertaining and demanding sport, it is important that you book some lessons when you get to your chosen resort.

Whether they are in groups or individual, some lessons before launching yourself down the piste are always useful. They will help you to improve your posture, learn how to fall without hurting yourself, pick up speed and overcome your fear of steep slopes (even if they are ones that are only for beginners). After two or three lessons you should be able to go down the blue runs easily and safely. And for people who do have a little experience, a few lessons will be good for perfecting your style and correcting bad habits.

Enjoy your skiing

So, the time has come to have fun. To have a good time skiing down the slopes and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Because, as others will confirm, skiing is one of the greatest, most fun and fulfilling sports in existence.

So, now you know: go ahead and put on your skis this winter because the green, blue, red and black runs are waiting to help you see and experience the mountains in a completely different and, especially, extremely enjoyable way.




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