Pretty in pink, on the Paseo del Mar in Marbella. / JOSELE

Teresa Guzmán, the 91-year-old influencer from Marbella

This great-grandmother opened an Instagram account after her husband died, when her doctor recommended taking up a hobby


At an age when most of her friends don't really know what social media is and only use their mobile phones for calls, Teresa, who will be 92 in a few weeks, is a mother of five, a grandmother, great-grandmother, influencer and an ambassador for Primark. She has always been modern. She obtained her driving licence when she was 28, just after returning from honeymoon, at a time when it was rare to see a woman behind the wheel, and her husband gave her the white 600 she had been longing for, as a gift. She doesn't drive now, but she did until recently. The phrase she uses on her Instagram profile @bisayayayeye sums up her philosophy of life: "Look for me where the young people are. Age is a number 91."

Teresa was born in Madrid but moved to Marbella over 30 years ago, after her daughter Begoña went to live there. Begoña says her mother has always been very independent and sure of herself: "She wore the trousers in our house," she recalls.

She has never had an ordinary life. She studied to be a specialist in commerce, when most women stayed at home and looked after their families. She met her husband, Luis, when she was on her way home from her school in Calle Bravo Murillo, in Madrid, one day.

"Why would I want to be old? I feel young and I like being in the company of young people"

"He took off his jacket, threw it onto the ground in front of me and said 'you can walk on that, señorita', so I did. He asked for my phone number and I wouldn't give it to him, but he found where I went to school because of the uniform, and that's how we began," says Teresa.

"Keep him, I can't bring him up"

Luis wanted to be a bullfighter but Teresa, thinking about starting a family, was afraid of the idea and she told him he would have to choose between her and the bulls. He chose her. They married, had two sons and two daughters and, years later, a grandson whom they brought up as their own after their son's girlfriend said to Teresa, "You keep him, I can't bring him up."

She came to Marbella 30 years ago, after one of her daughters moved from Madrid to work

In Madrid they had a shop selling decorative items and a clothes shop in the Chamerí district, but when one of their two daughters came to Marbella to work and they discovered the climate, the people and the lifestyle, they decided to retire and live on the Costa del Sol.

Teresa isn’t afraid of modern technology. / JOSELE

When her husband died two years ago, a doctor suggested that she find a hobby and she opened an Instagram profile with her daughter Begoña. As she has always loved shopping and doesn't like to dress like others of her age, she took a photo of herself wearing clothes from Primark and posted it. Somebody there saw it, and suggested that they work together.

When Primark opened a branch in Marbella, they started sending her clothes to choose from and combine as she liked, but with her followers in mind.

In her photos and videos she is always wearing makeup and is well coordinated. Impeccable nails, earrings, rings, handbags, sunglasses... she takes care with her accessories. She even wears heels at home, sometimes. "You must always be prepared for anything," she says.

She posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing an outfit from Primark. Someone at the company saw it and suggested a collaboration

Recently, she boasts, someone called out to her in the street: "Hey, goodlooking!" and she replied, "You're trying to chat up a 91-year-old, my dear."

She laughs at the memory, but becomes serious when she says she doesn't want another partner. She and her husband were together for 60 years. "He was very loving. A wonderful husband and father. I will never find anyone like him," she says.

Philosophy of life

Her philosophy of life is to stay young at heart. "Why would I want to be old? I like to go out, I like wearing pink and white. I feel young and I love being in the company of young people," she says.

Her tastes and outings are not very typical of a grandmother, either. "Sometimes I love to go to Opium (a luxury beach club in Marbella) and have champagne with strawberries. I'm very lively and quite flirtatious. I keep my sorrows to myself," she says.