Holy Week: Following God's call to warmer climes for Easter
Holy Week services on the Costa del Sol

Holy Week: Following God's call to warmer climes for Easter

Brother Michael Jacobs will be preaching alongside Father Louis at St George's Anglican Church in Malaga during Holy Week and admits that he's particularly looking forward to seeing some sunshine

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Friday, 22 March 2024, 16:35


Brother (Br) Michael Jacobs is a Franciscan friar from the UK who will be visiting Malaga during Holy Week as a guest of Father Louis and St George's Anglican church in Malaga.

Ahead of Br Michael's visit, Father Louis told SUR in English that for him it was "very special to invite a Franciscan monk, as my vocation to be a priest was nurtured by the Franciscans".


  • 24 March. Holy Communion: Calahonda, San Miguel Church, 9.30am. Los Boliches, Fuengirola, 11.30am. Alhaurín el Grande, Cemetery Chapel, 11.30am

  • 27 March. Holy Communion: Los Boliches, 10.30am.

  • 28 March. Holy Communion: Los Boliches Fuengirola, 6pm.

  • 29 March. Holy Communion: Los Boliches Fuengirola, 2pm.

  • 29 March. At the cross. Alhaurín el Grande, Cemetery Chapel, 2pm.

  • 30 March. Service of the Word. Los Boliches, 6pm.

  • 31 March. Holy Communion. Calahonda, San Miguel Church, 9.30am Los Boliches, 11.30am Alhaurín el Grande, Cemetery Chapel, 11.30pm.

  • 24 March Eucharist and Blessing of Palms. Vélez-Málaga 10.30am. St George's church, Malaga 11am.

  • 28 March. Eucharist of the Last Supper and Watch. Cemetery garden, St George's church, Malaga, 7pm.

  • 29 March. Stations of the Cross. Salinas 12pm. St George's church, Malaga, 12pm.

  • 29 March. Liturgy. St George's church, Malaga, 2pm.

  • 30 March. Easter Eucharist. Salinas, 11.30am

  • 31 March. Eucharist of the Resurrection. Vélez-Málaga, 10.30am. St George's church, Malaga 11am.

Originally from Pembrokeshire in Wales, Br Michael, who will celebrate his 37th birthday in Malaga on Palm Sunday, has been with the San Franciscan order for twelve years, having joined at the age of 25.

He says of his vocation, "I always felt that I wanted to give my life to God from when I was about six years old. I never really wanted to be anything else and I have always felt called to prayer and I need to do that with other people. I want to follow God's call for the whole of my life."

Work with asylum seekers

Brother Michael has been stationed in Northumberland, Worcestershire, Dorset, Newcastle upon Tyne and Leeds and has worked in a range of areas including caring for elderly friars, "cleaning loos and cooking (badly)", he jokes.

He is currently assigned to a friary in Leeds where he works with the homeless and asylum seekers, some of whom, he says, are housed at the friary.

The friar has also been a school and prison chaplain. "There is never a dull moment," he laughs and adds, "Mostly we try to be alongside people and be a brother to everybody, regardless of who they are." He adds, "You get back a lot more than you give in my experience."


As he prepares for his first ever trip to Spain and the first time he's "been on a plane since before Covid", Br Michael says that he is "looking forward to meeting people and being alongside them during Holy Week".

Although he admits that firstly he's hoping for some sunshine, having experienced, in his view "the wettest, greyest winter since I have been in Yorkshire and that's saying something", he laughs. He is also looking forward to experiencing Holy Week in Malaga for the first time and watching the processions, which he says he has heard a lot about and is curious to compare them with ones he's seen previously in Italy.

Br Michael explains that the Franciscan friars in the UK are, "a community of Brothers who pray and live together in friary communities under the threefold vow of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience".

He goes on to explain that they "live in various and varied locations around the country" and that they "follow Jesus in the way of St Francis of Assisi. Central to our call is the Incarnation and that means we try and serve where we can, with those most in need."

Br Michael will be preaching alongside Father Louis at the various services taking place at St George's in Malaga as well as in centres in Vélez-Málaga and Salinas. See the column on the right for details of services taking place during Holy Week.

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