Ángel Ruiz with a client in a Vespa side car. Migue Fernández
A paradise for motorbike fans in Torremolinos

A paradise for motorbike fans in Torremolinos

Local restaurant La Cañada specialises in grilled meats and has an exhibition of more than fifty classic motorcycles and mopeds

Juan Soto

Friday, 26 May 2023, 12:28

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Bultaco, Ossa, Rieju, Vespa... The biker paradise of Malaga is located in Torremolinos. The restaurant La Cañada, one of the most popular in the coastal town, is also the meeting point for two-wheeled enthusiasts in the province thanks to its large collection of classic and modern motorcycles.

Located in La Cañada de los Cardos (from where it gets its name), the business, run by Ángel and José Ruiz, nephew and uncle, has about fifty models of motorbike and moped hanging from the ceilings and attached to the walls.

Among them, the historic 1949 Moto Guzzi Guzzino and the exclusive 1975 Ossa 350 Enduro can be seen (and touched) in this restaurant.

Love of motorcycles

The restaurant opened in 2000 and its theme was born from the owners' love of motorcycles. Ángel remembers that his father was a big fan of two-wheelers but never let him have one for fear of having an accident. That's why, as soon as he had the chance, he decided to set up a business with motorcycles as the theme

He and his nephew currently have more than 40 bikes on display and at least ten scattered in different establishments in the town because they have no more space to place them. They usually buy and restore them, so they all work.

"All the bikers in the world come here to see them and take pictures," they confessed.

The first motorcycle to enter the restaurant was a 1960 Bultaco Mercurio. The same one ridden by José's father. And since then they haven't stopped buying more to add to the collection. Most of them are bought in second-hand markets, although there are also others that have been offered by the customers themselves, or have been exchanged for meals.

"There is everything; each motorcycle has a story behind it." "Motorcycles are our hobby; but each bike takes us time and commitment to renovate," he adds.

The restaurant replaced the historic Quiosko de Pérez, a business founded on Maundy Thursday, 1963 (as reflected in the plaque that still remains at the entrance). The restaurant specialises in grilled meats, although it is open every day from 8am to midnight to offer breakfast, lunch, menus, evening dinners and drinks.

Ángel Ruiz explains that they initially occupied the original space of the kiosk with the idea of working and making "two small salaries for two people", but the business grew rapidly, propelled by the demand of their own clients.

After two extensions, they currently have a capacity for about 200 diners and celebrate all kinds of events, from communions to small weddings.

As a museum, the restaurant also has an important display of antique farm tools, sewing machines of all ages and even medals of El Rocío. Among the relics there are also several barrels from the historic Mi Paraíso hostel, owned by his father and once located where Lidl now stands.

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