This document regulates the treatment of any personal data which is provided by the users, visitors and those interested in the services offered by this portal (the “Website”). You can find information about the company which manages the website (the “COMPANY”) by consulting the LEGAL NOTICE at the end of the principal page.


This Privacy Policy aims to explain the way personal data of those who access the services associated with this Website is collected, treated and protected, so that you can decide freely and voluntarily whether or not you wish to provide your personal details on the forms which have been created for this purpose.

In addition, the Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of personal details which you have provided in the past via other means which are not associated with the Website, or those which you may provide in the future, as long as it does not contradict what was expressly accepted by you at the time you provided the details, as that will be respected in all cases.

Accessing and using the Website implies that you accept in its totality, and are obliged to fully comply with, the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and also those contained in the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use,the Policy regarding Cookiesand, where relevant, the General or Particular Contracting Conditions of any other services; the said documents are configured as Legal Texts and are applicable as such. You can find the corresponding links at the bottom of the principal page. The provision of the Website service has a limited duration, covering only the time you are connected to the Website or any of the services which are facilitated by it; you should therefore read the said Legal Texts carefully every time you propose to use the Website, because these may be changed due to new or legal and jurisprudential requirements or by the needs of business.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal data obtained by this Website or other services provided by the COMPANY. However, if you formalise your registration or association with the Website via any form of social media, instant messaging application, network or similar system, you are authorising that network or system to provide data to the Company and to COMERESA under the terms of their own privacy policies. In this case you are, however, still responsible for consulting the said Policy before giving your authorisation.


In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, regarding the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the information collected by any forms on the Website will be incorporated into two personal data files belonging, respectively, to the COMPANY and to Comeresa Prensa S.L. (“COMERESA”).

COMERESA is a company within the Vocento group, the group of which the Company is also part. Among other activities, it manages services which are common to the whole group, to develop the Vocento brand and the image of the group, and to create a common repository for data about the users of Vocento, for the purposes which will be explained below. Both entities, the COMPANY and COMERESA, guarantee the confidentiality of all personal data which has been provided to them, and that they will comply with all regulations. All the fields which are marked with an asterisk (*) on the aforementioned forms must be filled in; omitting to do this could make it impossible to deal with your application.

In addition, by clicking on the “Send” button (or equivalent) after filling in the aforementioned forms, you declare that the information and data provided on them are exact and correct. In order for this information to be always up to date and not contain errors, you should notify us as soon as possible of any changes to your personal details, and also rectify any errors that you notice in your data.

At times, it is possible that you will be providing us with personal data of third parties. In this case it is your responsibility to let us know of any circumstance regarding the third party data you are going to give us, as well as, if necessary, obtaining express consent from them to provide us with the information.

Both the COMPANY and COMERESA guarantee that they will comply with the law regarding data protection and information in society.


Treatment of personal data by the COMPANY

The COMPANY will be able to use your personal data for the following purposes, depending on the form which has been completed in each case:

  • To manage your navigation via the Website.
  • To manage your user registration and identify you as a “registered user” in order to personalise your experience and interface and show you content, information etc. to suit your interests, preferences and tastes, matching your navigation experience and the design and offer of contents, products and services to your personal, professional and consumer profile.
  • To manage your participation on blogs and/or forums.
  • To register you as a participant in competitions, promotions and/or draws organised by the COMPANY or third parties, and manage your participation in the same in a suitable manner.
  • To manage the Client Attention service, to answer any doubts, complaints, comments or concerns you may have about the information on the Website, resolve incidents relating to products and services which you can access via the Website, treatment of your personal data, questions about the legal texts on the Website, or any other queries you may have.
  • To manage and promote in a suitable manner the content of advertisements (e.g. occasional information about renting or selling vehicles or properties, job offers etc.) which you place on the Website or services provided by the Company, to facilitate replies from possible purchasers.
  • To carry out e-commerce activities and offer payment services, always with your express and informed consent and in accordance with the terms and conditions of such services as they appear on the Website.
  • To manage the supply of products and/or services you acquire, via the payment gateways contracted to that effect. The financial information you provide will be preserved on those gateways to facilitate recurrent payments.
  • To carry out statistical studies and profile management studies. These profiles are refined and qualified by studying information about users’ navigation, and this is obtained by installing cookies in accordance with our Policy regarding Cookies.
  • To use the result of such studies to design and plan commercial activities which can either be carried out via the Website, by expanding and improving the services and contents offered on it and designing new products and services, or through direct commercial actions as indicated in the following section (Commercial communications).
  • To manage the “Single Sign On” procedure (“SSO”). The SSO is an authentication procedure which enables people to access any of the Company’s web services using the same credentials, without needing to register in each of them separately. Another major advantage of the system is that your user session will be retained on all the COMPANY sites, so you do not have to start again in every one of them.
  • To use your data to inform you of the advantages inherent in your status as a registered user of the Website and/or user who subscribes to other services offered by the COMPANY. This information may be sent by ordinary means (by post, phone call…) or electronically (email, SMS, instant messaging applications, social media, Push notifications etc). It may include, as an example, sending birthday congratulations, Christmas greetings etc, commercial newsletters regarding products and/or services which are similar to those contracted by the user, information about activities, promotions, competitions and events offered exclusively to registered users and, in general, information about new developments related to the product and/or service contracted, so that you are kept informed about all the advantages of being a registered user. You can stop receiving this type of communication at any time, by accessing your personal area on the Website or via other mechanisms which apply. We may suggest that you participate in satisfaction surveys and analysis in cases where you have expressed an interest in something on the Website, and/or in products and services you have contracted. These surveys will always be related to the product or service.
  • To treat your data for commercial purposes, as long as you have consented to this, either by ordinary or electronic means, and always in accordance with the terms of the following section (“Commercial communications.”)
  • To fulfil, maintain, develop and control of any of the relations which the COMPANY maintains with you.
  • Any other purpose which is specifically stated in the texts and/or conditions of the data collection form, in order to attend to the different types of relations which may be maintained with you.

Treatment of data by COMERESA

In addition, we inform you that your personal data may be treated by COMERESA for the following purposes:

  • To manage your registration and access to the Website as a registered user.
  • To carry out statistical studies and profile management, refining and qualifying these profiles by studying users’ navigation, which is obtained by installing cookies in accordance with our Policy regarding Cookies. To analyse the information obtained by COMERESA about these same users, from their status as registered users on other websites of the Vocento group or other services of the COMPANY and the group; this is done in order to know more about Vocento users, and to design and offer contents, products and services to suit your personal, professional and consumer profile. It also helps us to plan commercial and business development strategies in a unified manner.
  • To use the result of these studies to design and plan commercial actions which may either be carried out via the Website, by expanding and improving the services and contents offered on it, and the design of new products and services, or through direct commercial actions as indicated in the following section (“Commercial communications”).
  • To manage the “Single Sign On” procedure (“SSO”). The SSO is an authentication procedure which enables you to access any of Vocento’s portals (the global list of Vocento services and products can be consulted at […] using the same credentials, without having to register separately on each one of them. Another major advantage of this system is that your user session will be retained on all the Vocento portals that you select, so you do not have to start again each time.
  • To redirect the user to the corresponding website on which he or she has registered for a certain service, if the user is accessing this service from another of the group’s portals.
  • To treat your data for commercial purposes, as long as you have consented to this, either by ordinary or electronic means, and always in accordance with the terms of the following section (“Commercial communications”).
  • To fulfil, maintain, develop and control of any relations which COMERESA has with you.
  • -For any other purpose which is specifically reflected in the texts and/or conditions of the data collection form, in order to attend to the different types of relationships it may have with you.


We inform you that with each data collection form we may ask for your consent to send you commercial communications. If you give your express consent by ticking the boxes on the relevant forms, we would be able to contact you by ordinary post, telephone, email, SMS, instant messaging applications, social media, Push notifications or any other means of electronic communication, to give you information about products and/or services which we believe might be of interest to you.

Depending on the options you authorise, the communications could refer to products and/or services of the COMPANY and/or COMERESA (depending on who will be sending them), products and/or services of different companies within the Vocento group (whose details can be consulted by the following link), and products and/or services of third parties from different sectors of activity (employment and training, IT and technology, leisure and entertainment, food and gastronomy, furniture and domestic appliances, antiques, interior decoration and décor, organisations and associations, auctions, DIY, pets, financial services and insurance, property, vehicles and motoring, items for men/women, travel and tourism, products for children, music and books, health and wellbeing, society, sports) selected by the COMPANY and/or by COMERESA (depending on who will be sending the communications).

In cases where you have agreed to be sent commercial communications of this type, both the COMPANY and COMERESA will be able to suggest that you take part in surveys. These will always be related to the type of communications which you have agreed to receive.

You are not obliged to receive the aforementioned publicity and information, or to take part in the surveys, and you may make this known either by ticking the relevant boxes on the form or by notifying us later. If at any time you do not wish to continue receiving communications of this type, you can revoke your consent by sending a notification to the addresses in the section called “Exercising your rights” in the Privacy Policy, with a copy of a document which proves your identity, or by using the link on the commercial communications you receive. Your request will be dealt with as soon as possible. You may also configure your preferences about receiving commercial communications at any time, via your user area.

Finally, with regard to publicity banners or posters or other advertising methods which appear on the Website, the COMPANY only transmits this publicity, so it is not covered by the regulations regarding services which are provided by the COMPANY, or its privacy policy.


Like other Internet portals, the Website uses technology known as “cookies” to collect information about the way the Website is used. If you wish to obtain detailed information about the way the COMPANY uses cookies, you can consult the Policy regarding Cookies here, or click at any time on the link at the bottom of the main page.


We will not pass your personal details to other companies without your prior consent, unless the details need to be given in order to provide the service, or in order to maintain the relationship with you.

In the case of the Website accepting advertisements and offers from third parties, you accept that the personal details you have previously provided may be passed to the advertising companies when you show an express interest in a particular product or service, so that the advertising company which is responsible for it may contact you. They may only do this to give you further information about the product or service or, where relevant, to carry out the corresponding transaction, if it is essential that they have your details in order to provide the service you have requested correctly.

If it is not necessary to provide your personal details in order for the contracted service to be provided correctly, then on the data collection forms we tell you the purpose for which the data will be treated, and the identity and sectors of activity of anyone to whom it will possibly be given. You will be able to decide in advance whether or not to agree to the data being passed on.

If third parties need to access the data in order to provide a service which has been subcontracted by the COMPANY or COMERESA, the necessary details will be provided.


The COMPANY has tried to implement and maintain the levels of security which are demanded by law to protect the personal data of users against accidental loss and access, unauthorised treatment and revelation, given the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which it is exposed. However, transferring information via the Internet is not totally secure; for that reason, and although the COMPANY makes its best efforts to protect users’ details, the security of these cannot be guaranteed when they are in transit to the Website. Therefore, all the information you provide will be sent on your own account and at your own risk. Once your details have been received, the COMPANY will use rigorous procedures and security functions to impede any unauthorised access.


The Website may include links to sites controlled by third parties. You should remember that when using a link to access another site from our Website, our Privacy Policy and Policy regarding Cookies cease to apply. The COMPANY does not accept any type of responsibility with regard to the privacy and treatment of data by other websites. Navigation and interaction on any other website, including those which are linked via our Website, are subject to the regulations and policies of that site. We recommend that you read the policies regarding treatment of data and privacy of the websites which you visit, through the link on the Website or any other manner. If you would like more information, there is a link to our Conditions of Use at the bottom of the main page.


The personal details which we collect via the Website or through different communications we have with you will be treated confidentially. We promise to keep them secret, as required by law.


In order to be able to access certain services, you will need to provide us with certain information. This information must be true, and it is prohibited to use aliases or other ways of hiding your identity, unless a form specifically asks you to create a user name, nickname or alias.

When creating user names or passwords, or providing any information which may be required on the different forms, you may not use expressions or graphic-denominative combinations which are vulgar, insulting, coincide with brand names, commercial names, the signs of establishments, social denominations, advertising expressions, names or pseudonyms of people in public life or famous people without authorisation, and in general anything which contravenes the law, morality or generally accepted good behaviour.

It is essential that you keep reference numbers, passwords and access codes that you create or are provided to you safe at all times. You will be held responsible if your personal account is used by anyone else, with or without authorisation. You therefore promise to make diligent use of such information, not to make it available to third parties, and to notify us if it is lost or stolen.


Children are not permitted to use services which are available via the Website without prior authorisation from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who are solely responsible for everything the children in their charge may do via the Website. This includes filling in forms with the children’s personal details and, where applicable, ticking the boxes which appear on them. In this case, as the COMPANY does not have the ability to control whether or not the users are children, it suggests that parents or guardians use mechanisms which exist to prevent children accessing the Website and/or providing personal details without their supervision. The COMPANY admits no responsibility whatsoever in this respect.


You can revoke your consent regarding the treatment of your data, as long as such revocation is legally possible, and at any time you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of your personal data, by notifying us in writing and attaching a document to prove your identity. Such notification may be sent to the addresses indicated here, putting “Data Protection” as the reference.

If you have any queries regarding the Privacy Policy, you can also contact the COMPANY or COMERESA at the same addresses.


It is possible that this Privacy Policy may be updated; for this reason, you should check it occasionally and, if possible, every time you access the Website, to ensure that you are suitably informed about the type of information which is collected and how it is treated. You can find the Privacy Policy at the end of the Website, together with the Legal Notice, the Policy regarding Cookies, the Conditions of Use and the Contracting Conditions where applicable.

The Privacy Policy was most recently updated on [15/11/2016].