The doll of the Princess of Asturias bears a close resemblance to Leonor.
The doll of the Princess of Asturias bears a close resemblance to Leonor. / AFP

Doll created in the likeness of Leonor

  • Two young Russians have created a lifelike doll of the Princess of Asturias which will be presented at a Barbie Collectors convention on Sunday

Leonor now has her first doll since becoming the Princess of Asturias. A plastic figure of the heir to the Spanish throne, exactly the same size as the famous Barbie, is to be presented on Sunday at the Official Convention of Barbie Collectors in Spain. It has been produced by two young Russians who love Spanish culture and have experience in creating dolls based on famous people.

Ever since she was born, Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz, the king and queen's elder daughter, has been the focus of attention from sculptors and designers. The Wax Museum in Madrid made a - controversial - copy of the little girl in October 2014, when she was nine, just a few months after Juan Carlos abdicated and Felipe became the monarch.

Before, when she was a baby, the Muñecas Berenguer firm in Alicante sold a toy of the new princess with different clothes to dress her in. And when Leonor started school, the Antonio Juan company produced something new: she was dressed in school uniform and with blonde curls to distinguish her from other dolls.

The AFD Group's Leonor doll wears a pale blue dress, a copy of the one the real princess has worn for big occasions, such as the day her father presented her with the Order of the Golden Fleece and the first time she attended an official occasion.

"We examined dozens of photos and videos to capture the smallest details, the characteristics which make the doll look just like the person it is supposed to represent. We studied Leonor's clothes carefully and tried to choose fabrics and accessories which were as close as possible to the ones she wore, and we chose the hair colour and makeup to match," say the young entrepreneurs.

Love and respect

It took them a month and a half to create the doll. A real labour of love. "You have to love and respect the person you are representing," they say. The facial features are the most difficult.

At the Official Convention of Barbie Collectors in Spain they will also be displaying a doll of Leonor's mother, Queen Letizia. Leonor's doll is not for sale, but this one is, and it costs 200 euros. The queen doll is wearing a dark blue dress; it is a replica of the one she wore when she opened the summer courses at the Princesa de Asturias International Music School in July last year.