Extra financial support for self-employed in Spain agreed after outcry

A taxi driver disinfects his vehicle in Malaga.
A taxi driver disinfects his vehicle in Malaga. / ÑITO SALAS
  • 'Autónomos' can request their upcoming social security payments to be delayed for up to six months

The government went some way towards offering support for 'autónomos' this week, after urgent calls from groups representing the self-employed to provide aid similar to that announced for salaried workers last week.

The self-employed will be able to request, via their 'gestor' or appointed 'mutua' companies, that their monthly social security payments due for May, June and July be delayed for up to six months.

This is excluding those 'autónomos' who have had their business activity severely curtailed by the crisis, who are entitled to other support through existing emergency measures.

Where an 'autónomo' can prove that income has dropped 75 per cent, unemployment benefit can be applied for, if Social Security payments were up to date at the start of the crisis.

In addition, other benefits for self-employed severely affected so far include the opportunity to suspend mortgage payments for three months and government-backed interest-free loans for those renting.