Wild boars to be culled in Mijas and other towns after local damage grows

Two boars spotted on the Calahonda roundabout.
Two boars spotted on the Calahonda roundabout. / I. G.
  • Calahonda is among the Costa areas to see a rise in the large animals that dig-up golf courses and gardens and affect farming

The Junta de Andalucía regional government announced emergency measures on Tuesday to eradicate or reduce the wild boar and pig population in over 100 municipalities across the region, including Mijas.

The move comes after a surge in numbers of the species that is threatening people's property, safety and health. Among the built-up areas worst affected is Calahonda on Mijas Costa where locals have become used to seeing the wild boars wandering the area without being aware of the risks of having them so close.

Besides the nuisance of digging up gardens, golf courses and sometimes utility cables, the boars also cause a risk to farming and livestock as they can spread disease.

The measures announced by the Junta allow the legal hunting and capture of the species.

Different measures of capturing the animals can be used depending if the area where they are found is a designated hunting area or is not authorised for hunting.

Any live capture and subsequent slaughter can only be carried out in strict compliance with official regulation and if the animals are to be eaten afterwards, the meat should be checked out first in recognised control centres to confirm it is fit for human consumption.