Assets seized from Roca are not enough to cover his debt with Marbella

  • So far five payments have been made totalling just over nine million euros, leaving a debt of 50 million outstanding with the council

Despite the considerable assets of Juan Antonio Roca that were seized as part of his convictions in order to pay back money defrauded from Marbella town hall, sources say that these will not be enough to clear the debt.

Roca was ordered to pay a total of 62.7 million euros to Marbella from the judgments in four cases. So far five payments have been made totalling just over 9 million euros. This means that there is still over 50 million euros in debt outstanding with the council.

Juan Antonio Roca.

Juan Antonio Roca. / SALVADOR SALAS

As part of the judicial decision to release Roca, officials had estimated that the value of the embargoed assets still to be sold and disposed off, including an eye-watering array of luxury properties and goods accumulated by the disgraced planning official during years of fraud, was as high as 75 million euros, more than enough to cover the debt. However sources say that the list prices of the assets coming up for auction is far higher than the real prices being achieved at sale.

Juan Antonio Roca also owes over 233 million euros to the Spanish tax authorities for fines for money laundering crimes linked to operation Malaya. However the government is not first in line to receive any money. In a deal reached in 2012 with Marbella's mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, Madrid agreed to waive payments in order to write down the council's debt.

A website has been set up to list the assets still to sell.