Antonio Javier López

Malaga (1978). Antonio Javier studied Journalism and Advanced Studies at Malaga University. He joined SUR in 1999 and has specialised in Arts and Culture since 2004. He won the first Ciudad de Málaga Prize for Journalism.

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09/04/2021 18:11

What to do

Chema Cobo in the labyrinth of Gerald Brenan

Some years ago he bought the book from a shop in the Cuesta de Moyano in Madrid. One of those editions from the other side of the pond at a time when it was thought in Spain that these things could not be - and should not be - read. Chema Cobo began

31/03/2021 21:22

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An artist seduced by dark themes and dark ideas that help him to paint

Jose Luis Valverde's grandfather, José Valverde Jiménez, made tombstones and painted because he was a mason and artist. As the latter, he played a notable role in the Granada scene of the last century along with artistic comrades-in-arms such as José

25/03/2021 18:37


The Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga celebrates its tenth anniversary

Despite coronavirus restrictions limiting the celebrations, the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga commemorated on Wednesday the tenth anniversary of its opening to the public. During the proceedings, which were carried out with the appropriate social d

12/03/2021 20:35

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The Thyssen Museum in Malaga opens up to contemporary art

If you have 17 minutes free and want to enjoy something rather unusual, very lovely and completely free of charge, head for the Sala Noble in the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga. Once there, in the darkness, try to blank your mind and keep your eyes

13/02/2021 21:54


The future of Marvel, drawn in Malaga

It was a stroke of luck that she registered for that particular course, to gain some credits towards her Fine Arts studies at Granada university. She had done some work as an inker in the past, but when she began her degree she almost forgot about th

29/01/2021 13:27

What to do | LifeStyle

Barceló at the Picasso Museum

It has often been said that there is a link between colours and emotions, but in fact there are also practical reasons for colours to be chosen, especially by artists, as Miquel Barceló explained at the opening of his new exhibition at Malaga's Picas

29/01/2021 13:21

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Aaron sows his artistic garden at La Coracha

An extract from Voltaire's Candide - in which Martin laments the futility of life and fate and Candide concludes "That is well said, but we must cultivate our garden" (suggesting self discipline is needed to confront a world in constant threat of col

15/01/2021 13:51


Eldevenir, the latest addition to the local contemporary art scene

It sounds like a very simple thing to do, but in fact it is radical, even revolutionary. Because in the midst of a health and economic crisis, the true dimensions of which are still barely known, with the uncertainty of what lies ahead in the short a

12/01/2021 13:24

What to do

The restless, creative maturity of Andrés Mérida

The pandemic has done little to destroy Andrés Mérida's easy smile and the joy while he reviews the works that mark the last ten years of his artistic career is apparent, even through his mask. The exhibition, Del Trazo al Garabato, was inaugurate

30/10/2020 15:31

What to do

Marilyn Manson's Malaga show

"Time flies when you're having fun". Photographer Ralph John Perou - or somebody who says he is him, because he appears in a face mask, dark glasses and a hat - shares with us his two decades of experiences working with Marilyn Manson in a video. He

16/10/2020 18:17

What to do

Ana Barriga brings light and colour to the end of the tunnel

She worked in the place she was living. She did the first painting upstairs and the second downstairs. But she felt very uncomfortable. She couldn't understand what she was doing painting, when "people outside were dying". She thought hard about this

15/10/2020 20:55

What to do | LifeStyle

Marbella aims to be the Golden Mile of modern art

When she announced her news, the response was nearly always the same: a couple of slaps on the back, a forced smile and the words "good luck", a sort of commiseration in advance. Time has gone by and her idea, far from fading, produced an art gallery

14/10/2020 15:58

What to do | LifeStyle

Harding: art in the form of a touchstone

During an art residency in South Korea Robert Harding met a creator from Taiwan and they spent long hours discussing art and philosophy before gradually moving on to Taoism, an Eastern philosophy which stresses the need to live in harmony. THE EXHI

28/08/2020 17:45


Artistic immunity in the tiny village of Genalguacil

We may be in the midst of a global pandemic, but the tiny village of Genalguacil in the Serranía de Ronda (population 400) was not going to let that stop it holding its Art Encounters, which take place in August every two years. There may have been

17/07/2020 16:21

What to do

Automobile Museum reopens with a new exhibition

In 1968, Yves Saint Laurent once again wrote his name in the history of fashion by presenting a spring-summer collection which had been inspired by the African continent. Garments such as the kaftan and Saharan jacket appeared on the catwalk for almo

07/07/2020 12:57

What to do | LifeStyle

The Russian Museum shows a taste for realism

Michael wears a beach T-shirt and white socks with sandals. Mor, beside him, is in a pink sweatshirt. Anna, Savva and Liza are carrying their school backpacks, while Zhenia and Mathew are not ashamed of their soft toys, despite being eight, nine or m

19/06/2020 22:05

What to do

An embrace for nature during the pandemic

He likes to go out running, but because of the coronavirus lockdown he had to swap the street for a running machine at his partner's home in Seville. "I was fascinated to see animals coming into towns while people were confined indoors. It was rather

05/06/2020 17:42

What to do | LifeStyle

Dialogues with Picasso at the MPM

Over 20 years ago Eugenio Carmona, a lecturer in The History of Art at Malaga university, wrote an article titled 'Picasso after Picasso', reflecting upon the artist's ability to mutate, his capacity to always be present and up to date in the fierces

05/06/2020 17:41

What to do | LifeStyle

The beauty of Doñana captured at the CAC

"I've never had the urge to show my work, I've stayed hidden... it's my quiet way of being." Juan F. Lacomba speaks as he stands among the large-format paintings at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga (CAC Málaga) which represent the extensive

26/05/2020 16:11


Genalguacil won't let the virus get in the way of art

Just over a month ago the cartoonist Albert Uderzo died, leaving orphaned the adventures of Asterix the Gaul and Obelix. However, the unyielding spirit of their French hamlet in its battle against the Roman empire lives on in places like Genalguacil,

25/05/2020 16:54

What to do

Malaga's arts hubs, all set for a grand reopening

The majority of Malaga city's largest and most popular museums and galleries, including the Carmen Thyssen museum, the Russian Museum, the Centre Pompidou and Museo Picasso Málaga will reopen for the first time since the start of the state of alarm t

15/05/2020 17:08

What to do

How will coronavirus change visits to museums and art centres?

The image of a museum gallery crowded with visitors is already history. At least, for a while. New regulations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus will affect cultural centres as then reopen after lockdown. The order published by the Ministry

30/04/2020 15:37

What to do

How children can go to museums during lockdown

One of the most important and pleasing consequences of the increased number of museums in Malaga during the past decade and a half is that two generations of children from the province have had the chance to increase their learning, thanks to these i

20/04/2020 15:38

What to do

Recreating the work of the Grand Masters, in the lounge

People are looking for ways to relieve the boredom of social distancing and quarantine and one of the more creative ideas has been to try and replicate a famous work of art by just using family members (including the very youngest) and items found ar

24/01/2020 18:28


Antequera Dolmens complex modified to fulfil Unesco requests

The museum associated with the Dolmens of Antequera looks rather different than expected. Works have had to be carried out in accordance with a request by Unesco in order to maintain the complex's World Heritage Site status, which it obtained on 15

10/01/2020 12:26

What to do

Emmanuel Lafont: light amid darkness

According to optical science black is the lack of colour, but who needs colour when one's life palpitates around the point of a pencil or a piece of charcoal? Who wants colour, holding light in the palm of their hand and transferring it from there on

10/01/2020 12:25

What to do

The bishop's palace in Malaga exhibits 26 works of contemporary art

The Palacio Episcopal in Malaga is currently hosting a collection of works from the Unicaja Foundation's collection of contemporary art works. They include pieces by several Malaga artists including Rogelio López Cuenca, Nono Bandera, Noelia García

20/12/2019 17:22

What to do

Berrocal's warriors stand guard at the Aduana building

Back in 1975 artist Miguel Ortiz Berrocal and his wife Cristina visited the Ardennes in Belgium and there, in an old forge, he found 20 anvils which were about to be thrown away. He took them and worked on them for nearly ten years, turning them into

22/11/2019 18:38


Famous avant-garde local pop artist, Eugenio Chicano, dies

A key artist in the modernisation of the art scene in Malaga has died. Eugenio Chicano was known for his distinctive, avant-garde pop art and also for campaigning for the cultural life of the city, which has exploded in recent years. His work and l

08/11/2019 16:37


RARA: a home for the "odd" artists

People in the village say it was a convent at first, then became part of the Guardia Civil station and, later, the house of one of the mayors. The street (Calle Carrera) gets its name from the races that take place during the local fairs and it was t

28/10/2019 15:00


The end of the flamenco invasion

We gathered just before 9am at the junction of Calle Molino Lario and Calle Santa María, where metal scaffolding was being erected to the height of the dark-haired woman in a red flamenco dress, a mosaic which has become the most emblematic work in M

25/10/2019 18:25


The least-known side of Sorolla

It is an exhibition which aims to show the least-known side of Joaquín Sorolla, an artist who is famous for his use of light, the colour white and the sea. 'Sorolla tierra adentro', which can be seen at the Centro Cultural Fundación Unicaja de Malaga

24/10/2019 10:01

What to do

Russian Museum puts Roerich's mystical humanism on display

The perennial debate regarding the relation between an artist's life and their work usually implies a discrepancy. On the one hand we have the creator's allegedly sordid, or at least flawed, character; on the other, their work's attempt to transcend

18/10/2019 17:23

What to do

A return to Malaga 22 years after the exhibition organised by SUR

"It was curated by Francisco Parauta, who had the idea of putting the greys upstairs, nearer the sky, and the colours on the ground floor, nearer the earth and nature". "I really like Malaga. It's a lovely city," Scully said at the CAC Malaga duri

30/09/2019 09:44

What to do

Picasso and Calder leap into empty space in Malaga

Human life needs space. Observation of it becomes literal, physiological, if the microscope focuses for example on the neurones, in the essential space which exists between one and another so a chemical discharge becomes an electrical current capable

25/06/2019 19:23

What to do

Picasso Museum expands its horizons with Bruce Nauman

As part of its commitment to showcasing contemporary art the Picasso Museum in Malaga (MPM) is hosting a powerful exhibition called Bruce Nauman. Rooms, Bodies, Words until 1 September. This is its most ambitious project so far, and on this occasion

20/05/2019 12:41

What to do

Cuban cabaret comes to life in Malaga

In the 1950s, Rita Valdés was the star of the Havana hotel at a time when Cuba was home to the biggest cabaret acts in the world. Luck changed, the theatre lowered its curtains and the cabaret building became home to Rita until she was evicted. It wa

20/05/2019 12:30

What to do

Banksy checks in to La Térmica for the summer

There is a way to determine to what extent an artist is a celebrity: his work has to be much more famous than he is, to the extent that it becomes an icon. This could apply, for example, to the two angels painted by Rafael, Leonardo's Mona Lisa, Pica

10/05/2019 15:13


Air conditioning fault puts pieces at Museum of Malaga at risk

A fault with the air conditioning in the Museum of Malaga this week has seen both the Archaeology and the Fine Arts collections subjected to temperatures as high as 28.5 degrees Celsius. The climate control system has been encountering numberous pr

12/04/2019 17:13

What to do

Casa Natal hosts Iliazd and Picasso works in exhibition

Picasso's birth house (Casa Natal de Picasso, Plaza de la Merced, 15) is now host to an exhibition in collaboration with the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. Until 23 June, the exhibition 'Iliazd and Picasso' is open between 9.30am and 8pm, including in t

22/03/2019 16:45

What to do

Inside Van Gogh

"It's amazing. It feels like you're inside a Van Gogh painting!" These were the words of Sara, a seven-year-old visitor to the show-cum-exhibition that can now be visited near Malaga city's lighthouse. She made her enthusiastic comments from the or

11/03/2019 11:08

What to do

Matisse: a burst of colour comes to the Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Malaga port this week welcomes its biggest and most important exhibition yet. 'Henri Matisse. Un país nuevo' (Henri Matisse. A new country) brings together some fifty works by the master of modern art, on loan from the gallery'

22/02/2019 16:38

What to do

Darko: light at the end of the Pompidou tunnel

From the wireless loudspeaker comes the thunderous voice of Zack de la Rocha spitting out the songs on his first disc with Rage Against the Machine. It sounds like the collapse of a cathedral might, a stampede of buffalos or the Hiroshima atomic bomb

29/12/2018 11:50

What to do

Toral unpacks his case at home

Once upon a time, a group of hunters went into a small remote hut in the countryside and asked the owner for a drink of water. Inside they saw some pictures painted by his son, and told him that the boy ought to be sent to the Arts and Crafts school

28/09/2018 16:11

What to do

The fantastic romanticism of Hernan Bas

Andy Warhol's body was barely cold when the employees of Sotheby's entered the residence of the father of pop art to draw up the catalogue of possessions which would be included in one of the most famous auctions in recent decades. It took ten days o

21/09/2018 17:03


Malevich at the Russian Museum

In Russian, 'krasni' means 'red', but also 'nice', 'important' and 'principal'. Nearly every sitting room in that country has an image of an icon on the mantelpiece, an exquisite piece of needlework and a dining table, in what is called the 'red corn

16/07/2018 15:55


The Pompidou opens up to Jean Dubuffet

The new temporary exhibition at the Centre Pompidou Málaga is one of the "pop-up" museum's best yet. More than 80 pieces from the centre's Paris parent's collections take visitors on a journey through the career of a crucial player in the evolution o

15/06/2018 14:04


Javier Calleja, sought-after by collectors

The eyes are rather red and the pupils dilated, but the mouth arches slightly upwards, almost against his will. It is the face of a child who has been crying, and has just managed a bit of a smile. That emotion, between complicity and tenderness, is

15/06/2018 13:36


Picasso the animal lover

A bearded and naked man with a bull's mask pulled back from his face kneels on the earth. Facing him a woman, also naked, raises her arms with a barbed stick in each hand in a powerful and triumphant dance. Watching are a female bandit, a monkey, a g

01/06/2018 13:59

What to do

Art inspired by María Zambrano

"I'm interested in the poetic reason of María Zambrano, to understand the world through serene meditative thought. I've tried to include that in my work, to depict the emotions that we try to resist." Aixa Portero says each word measuredly as if tryi

01/06/2018 12:30


Picasso receives Warhol at home

In the 1950s, a young man from an industrial town who had started to make a fortune as an illustrator in the Big Apple, wrote to the director of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Alfred Barr, offering one of his works to the institution. The

23/03/2018 17:45


The Thyssen dives into the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is the heart and soul of the new exhibition that opened on Wednesday at the Carmen Thyssen art museum in Malaga. The gallery continues its pledge to deliver quality with this selection of 62 pieces sourced from 33 national and i

24/02/2018 02:02


Fellini's dreams come true at the Picasso Museum

In 1917 Pablo Ruiz Picasso set up his studio at number 110 Via Margutta in Rome to paint the sets for the ballet Parade. Half a century later Federico Fellini moved into the same house. The coincidence could well be a metaphor for the relationship be

19/02/2018 12:01

What to do

Socialist realism at the Russian Museum

The party thought there was too much sky and not enough of the leader, so it refused to allow the painting to be put on display to the public and 'Lenin at the tribunal' (1927) by Isaac Brodsky was therefore kept in storage for years. His style met t

09/02/2018 15:58


King Felipe praises "modern" Malaga on city visit for arts awards

"Malaga represents an admirable paradox: that of being one of the oldest cities in Europe while at the same time one of the most modern." These were the words of King Felipe, barely three sentences into his speech during the presentation of Gold Meda

06/02/2018 12:32


King and queen visit Malaga for arts awards

King Felipe and Queen Letizia arrived in Malaga on Tuesday morning to preside over the presentation of Gold Medals for Achievements in Fine Art, which recognised the work of a score of creators and cultural institutions. The event began at 11.30am

02/02/2018 13:28

What to do

Balkenhol moves indoors

Some outdoor works of art become such a part of everyday life that they end up as emblems of their location. In Malaga, one of these is 'Moving Man' (2002), Stephan Balkenhol's sculpture of a man which is outside the entrance to the Contemporary Art

13/10/2017 19:40

What to do

Setting the record straight at the Thyssen

Henry Kahnweiler was a German-born art historian, collector and one of the most notable French art dealers of the 20th century. He had the money and the power to make the difference between who was a successful artist and who wasn't. He was fascinate

28/07/2017 19:13


Instituto Cervantes chooses Malaga to outline its future

Queen Letizia was on the Costa del Sol on Monday morning to preside over the opening of the annual meeting of directors of the Instituto Cervantes, which took place in Malaga's Tabacalera building. The Instituto Cervantes, a worldwide non-profit go

21/07/2017 16:32


A year of ups and downs at the dolmens

Tourists at the Antequera dolmen complex onSaturday didn't realise that they had chosen a special occasion for their visit. As teenager Víctor peered into the well inside the Viera Dolmen, he repeated the word "amazing" like a mantra. Víctor, who had

21/07/2017 15:32


The enigma of the Roman theatre

Many visitors to Malaga's historic centre have had their curiosity aroused by the giant text written in Latin on the brown wall of the visitor centre next to the city's Roman Theatre. The words reveal a fascinating and long-forgotten story about the

12/05/2017 13:28


"In Ronda I'm going to create the most incredible object of my life"

In Malaga on Wednesday Philippe Starck spoke of the other project that links him to the province of Malaga, the oil mill in Ronda. "I'm going to create the most incredible object of my life in Ronda," said Starck, referring to the 18-million-euro

12/05/2017 13:23


Inside the head of Philippe Starck

"You are about to enter the brain of someone who works and looks for solutions, sometimes useful, sometimes useless, but always interesting." This was how Phillipe Starck described the exhibition, 'Starck, Secret Drawings', that opened this week in t

09/05/2017 18:57


Fernando Francés vows to continue to bring "risky" art to the CAC

The Hall of Mirrors at Malaga city hall filled with artists and politicians, from both the national and international arena, to witness the presentation of an honorary OBE to Fernando Francés, the director of the CAC (Malaga's Contemporary Art Centre

04/05/2017 13:21

What to do

Art and achievement

The Spanish Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (Pintores con la Boca y el Pie), a group of artists that have used their creativity to overcome their physical limitations in creating art using their mouth and feet, are now exhibiting their

13/03/2017 16:49


Malaga's Picasso museum launches a new era

Picasso's grandson, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, was in Malaga on Monday to unveil the new collection on display from Tuesday at the Malaga Picasso Museum (MPM). The exhibition Malaga tells the story of Picasso He was joined by director, José Leb

24/02/2017 18:58

What to do

Kandinsky and his road to abstract art

The 'Kandinsky and Russia' temporary exhibition has been open to the public since Tuesday in Malaga's Russian museum after it waved goodbye to the 'Chagall and his Russian contemporaries' collection a few days ago. Visitors have until 16 July to see

17/02/2017 13:58


Beatriz Ros goes hunting

'La boca' - meaning 'the mouth' - is the name of an exhibition by young artist Beatriz Ros which is currently open at the Yuster/Giner Gallery. 'LA BOCA' Artist. Beatriz Ros (Malaga, 1984). Venue. Galería Yusto/Giner. C/ Madera, 9. Marbella. D

17/01/2017 10:12


Brits among those held for violent ATM attacks across Costa area

Police and government officials gave more details last weekend of the gang that was recently arrested for a string of violent bank cashpoint robberies across Malaga province over the last few months. National Police and Guardia Civil arrested five

17/01/2017 09:22

What to do

"A great deal of contemporary art has lost its spiritual element"

The exhibition Artist. Kimsooja (Daegu, South Korea, 1957). Venue. CAC Málaga. Dates and opening hours. Until 8 January 2017. Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am to 8pm. Entrance is free of charge. Kimsooja speaks in a soft voice, delicate but firm

17/01/2017 09:22

What to do

The relatively unknown works of Chagall

'Cervantes in the Russian Museum collection' On display: A collection of 61 pieces including paintings, drawings, etchings and books. Highlights: The painting 'Don Quijote' (1980-1985) by Helium Korzhev and the etchings by Ilya Repin, Konstatin Rud

06/01/2017 13:57

What to do

The Andalusian landscapes of Eugenio Chicano

The exhibition by Malaga artist Eugenio Chicano consists of 32 canvases created over the last five years. INFORMATION When. Until 5 February, Tues -Sun 10am-2pm and 5pm-8pm. Where. Salas La Coracha in the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal, Paseo de