The artist (second left), along with Rincón mayor, Francisco Salado, and other councillors with his bull painted in graffiti. / . CABEZAS

Repullo's geometric anarchy at Bezmiliana

The local artist will be showing a collection of 19 retrospective, abstract and figurative pieces until 17 September, in his first exhibition since 2011

Eugenio Cabezas

José Luis Gutiérrez Repullo, also known as 'Chico Repullo', admits that he has always been artistic and that even as a child he was particularly good with clay.

Despite studying Economics at university, he has spent most of his life working in the hotel and catering industry, running the legendary Baluma nightclub in La Cala del Moral for more than two decades, until it closed in 2007.

It was then that he decided to turn to his artistic passion, sculpture, he divulged before the opening of Anarquía Geométrica, his first major retrospective exhibition, which can be seen at the Casa Fuerte de Bezmiliana in Rincón de la Victoria.

The exhibition

The exhibition consists of a selection of 19 pieces and is the 64-year-old artist's first since 2011 when he held an exhibition at the at the Sala Mare Nostrum in La Cala del Moral.

«For me it is an honour to be able to exhibit in my town,» Repullo said.

He went on to say that his pieces are «abstract and eclectic, contemporary, I play with sharp edges, emptiness and matter.»

Repullo works with different types of steel, brass and iron and mixes other elements such as wood or recycled pieces.

«It was really from 2006 onwards that I devoted myself more fully to sculpture, I have experimented a little with painting, but I prefer sculpture», he explained.

Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to paint a two-metre long fibreglass bull sculpted by hand by Repullo, with coloured graffiti paints.

«It's a work I did at one of the last Noches en Blanco in Malaga,» he added.

The artist has also recently taken part in a travelling exhibition to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the University of Malaga's Faculty of Economics. Entitled Economistas en el Arte, the exhibition has toured several venues in the province.

In addition, last year Repullo donated a sculpture of the Boquerón de Plata (silver anchovy) awarded by the town hall to outstanding personalities.

In 2020 the award went to the Malaga actor and comedian Salva Reina and this year it went to the Madrid film director Salvador Calvo.

Baluma nightclub

Repullo is well known in Rincón de la Victoria for running the old Baluma nightclub for more than two decades.

«There are still many people who stop me in the street and ask me to reopen it», he said about the venue.

On the subject of the pandemic, Repullo admitted that it has not been a good time to create new artistic work,

«I need to keep my mind very calm and with the confinement and all the tension I did go back to my roots, and I've started restoring old motorbikes. I have several projects in mind.»

The exhibition can be seen from Tuesday to Saturday until 17 September.