Octavio Colis, Malaga
Octavio Colis, Malaga .

Exhibitions and art shows currently on along the Costa del Sol and inland

  • Malaga's museums and galleries exhibit a selection of art from both local and international artists, from Old Masters' oil paintings to the most contemporary canvases and sculptures.


Art Feast

Sotogrande. Saturdays, 4.30 - 11pm until 31 July. Puerto Deportivo, Plaza de las Palmeras.

Mosayko Art Música is holding an exhibition in the Galería de Arte Exterior at the port of works from international artists.

Mesopotamian Art

Marbella. Museo Archeológico Municipal.

The exhibition consists of various pieces from different periods in the history of ancient Mesopotamia. The collection is owned by Estepona resident and French arquitect, Jacques Cavro.

Manuela Beltrán

Estepona. Until 28 August. Casa de Las Tejerinas, Plaza de las Flores.

The exhibition consists of 21 works of a medium sized format in crayon by self-taught artist Manuela Beltrán.

Indalecio Pérez

Estepona. Until 28 August. Casa de Las Tejerinas, Plaza de las Flores.

Exhibition of sculptures by artist Indalecio Pérez entitled Fragmentos.

Sholeh Abghari Gallery

Marbella. Until 31 August. Sholeh Abghari Gallery, Avda Ricardo Soriano, 72A.

The art gallery is exhibiting a Summer Art Show with works by a selection of artists.

Udo Berkhardt

Ronda. Until 30 October. Cafe Blanco y Negro, C/Pozo.

An exhibition by German artist Udo Berkhardt.

María José Paneque

Mijas. Until 30 August. Casa Museo de Mijas.

An exhibition of paintings by María José Paneque.

Centro Antonio Reyna Manescau

Coín. Online.

The Centro Antonio Reyna Manescau has opened its doors to the whole world by creating a virtual tour of its exhibition rooms. Find the link halfway down the page:

Legends of Sport

Fuengirola. Until 19 September, Tues -Sun 6-10pm. Museo de Fuengirola.

The exhibition includes around 500 items linked to legendary sports personalities including a Ferrari racing car driven by Alonso.

Legends of Sport, Benalmádena.

Legends of Sport, Benalmádena.


Benalmádena. Until 31 August. Castillo El Bil Bil.

Ten local artists members of the Association of watercolourists of Andalucía (Acuamálaga) are holding an exhibition of their works.

Sala La Coracha

Malaga. Sala Coracha, behind the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal.

Fernando Clemente. Around sixty works created over the last fifteen years by Fernando Clemente entitled I Love Pintura.

Aixa Portero. Until 19 September. Pax Natura is the first solo exhibition by this Malaga artist in a Spanish museum. The works o

Aixa Portero, Malaga

Aixa Portero, Malaga

n display were completed between 2015 and 2021.

La Mirada Inconcreta. Until 3 October. Forty-two works by 17 artists which demonstrate the different movements and trends in art between 1987 and 2016. With works by Olafur Eliasson, Gabriel Orozco, Travis Somerville, Marina Abramovíc and Cindy Sherman among many others international artists.

Malaga Picasso Museum

Malaga. Museo Picasso Málaga, C/San Agustín.

It is possible to see works from the Meret Oppenheim exhibition in the museum on the website under ‘exposiciones digitales’.

Collection. Dialogues with Picasso. Collection 2020-2023 is formed by 120 works by the artist. These include the cubist sculpture Glass of Absinthe (1914) and the painting Susanna and the Elders (1955).

Hilando Diseño. An enormous tapestry mural of colourful squares created by over five hundred students in primary and secondary schools, art and college students as well as vunerable adults in care homes in Malaga

Metamorfosis. Until September. An exhibition of around one hundred paintings, ceramics, drawings and bronzes by artist Miguel Barceló will be on display.

Picasso exchange. The MPM has made an exchange with

the Musée National Picasso-Paris and will be able to exhibit the wood and oil paint sculpture Copa, Periódico y Dado that Pablo Picasso created in 1914. The museum is also exhibiting Bodegón con Cráneo, Puerros y Jarra which Picasso painted in 1945. It is on loan from the Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco. Both artworks are on display until February 2022.

Museum Picasso Casa Natal

Malaga. Until 25 October. Museo Casa Natal Picasso, Plaza de la Merced.

The museum has been through all its stored documents and photographs to create this new exhibition of Picasso’s connections with the literary world.

Museum Jorge Rando

Malaga. C/ Cruz del Molinillo.

The Jorge Rando museum is celebrating its seventh anniversary this year and has a special exhibition entitled Soldados by Jorge Rando and an exhibition of Chinese contemporary art.

Museo Revello de Toro

Malaga. Closed Mondays. C/Afligidos.

Félix Revello de Toro is a distinguished Malaga artist. Around 117 of his works are on display in the museum which regularly holds workshops and art classes for children and adults. The temporary exhibition is entitled Revelo y la Transición Española and consists of ten works completed between 1978 and 1997. More information call:952062069 or email:

Colección del Museo Ruso

Malaga. Edificio Tabacalera, Avda Sor Teresa Prat..

Temporary Exhibitions. Until 12 October. The two temporary exhibitions currently at the museum are Iván Konstantínovich Aivazovsky and the Russian sea painters which includes 26 of Aivazovsky’s own works and 13 of other famous seascape artists such as Konstantín Krugovijin, Aleksandr Dórogov, Alekséi Bogoliubov, Konstantín Istomin, Vasili Shujaev, Borís Yákovlev, Vasili Meshkov and Izraíl Lizak.

Annual Exhibition. Until 29 May 2022, the museum will be exhibiting 183 works entitled Guerra y Paz en el arte Ruso (War and Peace in Russian arte). Many leading artists with close ties to Russia formed an international school of battle painting. Among them were Gottfried Willewalde, Theodor Horschelt, Aleksandr Kotzebue, Adolph Charlemagne, Franz Roubaud and Rudolf Frenz, with Englishman George Dawe excelling in military portraiture. Sculptors Piotr Klodt and Yevgueni Lanceray also devoted themselves to this theme. The paintings weren’t limited to battles but also reflected the effect of war on every day living. The exhibition includes works on this theme by Kazimir Malévich, Sofia Dímshits-Tolstaia, Aleksandr Labás, Izrail Lizak and Yuri Jrzhanovski among others. Until 12 October there is another exhibition linked to the War and Peace exhibit called Lev Tolstói, it consists of 39 pieces including illustrations from his book his books as well as watercolours, photographs and sculptures.

1% Until May 2022. A joint project between Eryk Pall and David Burbano decorates the staircase at the entrance. The conceptual work represents the precarity of artists during the Covid crisis and how it has left many without the possibility of finding work.

Centro Pompidou

Malaga. Muelle Uno.

Some of the exhibitions are available to view on the website

From Miró to Barceló. The semi-permanent exhibition is entitled De Miró a Barceló. Un siglo de arte español. (A century of Spanish art). Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel were precursors of new ways of seeing and creating and their legacy still lives on. This chronological journey through a century of Spanish art shows that the generation of contemporary artists has kept alive the spirit of the avant-garde with extraordinary energy. This exhibition has been joined by the works of sculptor Julio González.

Photography exhibition / workshop. Families and children can play with light and shadow, textures and colours and learn how to interpret images. With a film of photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Pablo Capitán del Río. Located inside the cube is a sculpture by Pablo Capitán del Río representing the famous ‘elephant’s foot’ inside the reactor at Chernobyl: a radioactive mass created after the explosion and one of the most toxic on earth. Just a few minutes in its presence will bring certain death to any living organism. The sculpture, which can only be seen from a distance, symbolises that which inhibits life in all its forms.


Malaga. El Centro de Fotografía y Artes Visuales, C/Victoria.

Artist Eduardo Nave is exhibiting a series of images which takes the viewer on a journey around the world in an instant. His photographs demonstrate the clash between the environment and humanity.

Galería JM

Malaga. Duquesa de Parcent, 12.

Selva de Tiempo is the title of the current exhibition at the gallery by artist José Luís Valverde depicting the connection between the living and the dead. He says it was inspired by the sight of an enormous tree that had broken through stonework and was growing out of an old grave. There is also a collective exhibition called Panorama by artists such as Miki Leal, Alejandro Castillo and Chema Cobo among others.

Fundación Unicaja

Malaga. Centro Cultural Fundación Unicaja, Plaza del Obispo.

The XIV Certamen Fundación Unicaja de Artes Plásticas is a new exhibition of 35 works accquired by the Unicaja foundation.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo


Cindy Sherman. Until 24 October. Cindy Sherman: an interview (1980-1981) is a short ten minute film in which the American photographer talks about the different aspects relating to her works, her creative process and inspiration.

Franz West. Until 29 August. The exhibition Últimas Decadas, celebrates the work of this Austrian artist who died in 2012. It consists of 35 works that reflect humour and irony. The sculptures are made of a variety of materials including plaster, papier maché, polyester resin and aluminium.

Don Bergland. Until 12 September. Canadian artist Don Bergland is exhibiting The Silence of Eternity, the first time this artist has exhibited in a European museum. His surreal works are created digitally and enhanced with pigments on canvas.

Pasión II. Permanent collection. From the collection of Carmen Buqueras on permanent loan to the CAC.


Malaga. Until 5 September, Muelle Uno.

An immersive exhibition organised by Art Apart which displays the most famous works of impressionist artists on gigantic screens. It includes works by Monet, Cézanne, Manet, Gauguin, Renoir, Van Gogh, Morisot,

Degas, Monet, Pissarro and Toulouse-Lautrec. The exhibition is in Spanish and English. Tickets:

Thyssen Museum

Malaga. 9.30 - 2.30pm. 7 - 9pm Tuesday to Friday. 9.30am - 9pm Saturday and Sunday. C/Compañía.

Past collections of the Thyssen museum can be viewed online at

Collection. A journey through mainly Spanish art from the Old Masters through to Romantic Landscape and Costumbrismo, Précieux Style and Naturalist Painting and Fin-de-Siècle.

Catalan Masters.

Until 17 October. In honour of the many Catalan artists in the Thyssen collection there is an exhibtion of works by Martí Alsina, Fortuny, Meifrèn, Casas, Rusiñol, Canals, Anglada-Camarasa, Mir, Sunyer Togores, Clarà, Tàpies, Cuixart and Ponç among others.

Eugenio Chicano

Malaga. Palacio de Aduana, Museo de Málaga.

The new exhibition space in the Museo de Málaga is named after the artist Eugenio Chicano so it is fitting that it has been inaugurated with an exhibition of 52 of his works.

Chema Cobo

Malaga. Until September. Casa Gerald Brenan.

An exhibition by Cadiz artist Chema Cobo. He will also be giving guided tours of his works and of Gerald Brenan’s house. as well as workshops.

Javier Garcerá

Javier Garcerá, Malaga.

Javier Garcerá, Malaga.

Malaga Until 16 October. Galería Isabel Hurley.

Y En Mi Jardín is an exhibition by Valencian artist Javier Garcerá. Each of the works are made from silk using techniques that, depending on where one stands, invite you to view the works from different perspectives.

Presencias 51

Malaga. Espacio Expositivo Pacífico 54. C/Pacífico.

The Asociación de Artistas Plásticas de Málaga (APLAMA) celebrate 25 years this year with a collective exhibition. Open daily 9am - 2pm.

La Huella de Manolo Prieto

Malaga. Museo de Patrimonio Municipal (MUPAM).

The life works of the designer Manolo Prieto, creator of the famous Osborne Bull, are on show at this exhibition in MUPAM which is open 10am - 6pm. Free entry.

Noelia García Bandera

Noelia García, Malaga.

Noelia García, Malaga.

Malaga. Until 3 September. Estudio de Ignacio del Río, C/San Lorenzo.

Malaga photographer Noelia García Bandera is showing a selection of her work in this exhibition entitled El Jardín.

Museo Revello de Toro

Malaga. Closed Mondays. C/Afligidos.

Félix Revello de Toro is a distinguished Malaga artist. Around 117 of his works are on display in the museum which regularly holds workshops and art classes for children and adults. More information call:952062069 or email:

Paisajes Cotidianos

Malaga. Espacio Cero, Contenedor Cultural, Universitario de Málaga.

British mother and son, Magaret Harris and Timsam Harding are exhibiting a selection of their works entitled Paisajes cotidianos (everyday views) while the father and husband, sculptor Robert Harding, has an exhibition in the garden of El Contenedor.

Galería Benedito

Malaga. Calle Niño de Guevara.

The current exhibition of works by Juan Tenorio consists of a series of landscapes of New York and London full of colour and movement. They can be viewed as well as other art works on the gallery web site:

Octavio Colis

Malaga. Until 15 September, Salas Mingorance, Archivo Municipal, Alameda Principal, 23.

Forty-seven works including paintings, drawings, sculpture etc make up this exhibition by Octavio Colis. One of the paintings is dedicated to the colours of Malaga wines.

Fundación Unicaja

Malaga. Centro Cultural Fundación Unicaja, Plaza del Obispo.

The XIV Certamen Fundación Unicaja de Artes Plásticas is a new exhibition of 35 works acquired by the Unicaja Foundation.

Noelia García Bandera

Malaga. Until 3 September. Estudio de Ignacio del Río, C/San Lorenzo.

Malaga photographer Noelia García Bandera is showing a selection of her work in this exhibition entitled El Jardín

Robert Harding, Shinto

Malaga. Estudio de Ignacio del Río, C/San Lorenzo

Around half a dozen of Harding’s creations are included in the exhibition which demonstrates this artist’s ability to combine industrial and natural elements in dynamic sculptures.

La Vuelta a Ítaca de María Zambrano

Vélez-Málaga. Until 2 November. Palacio del Marqués de Beniel y Centro de Estudios de El Exilio.

The exhibition consists of over fifty pieces including photos, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, paintings and personal effects of María Zambrano, essayist and philosopher, who was born in the town.

Francisco Martín Molina

Nerja. Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Pintada 27.

The exhibition of art by Francisco Martín Molina is now open to the public. More information on Facebook: Exposición Francisco Martín, Calle Pintada.

Coby Bloemsma

Nerja. Until 19 September, Wed to Sat, 5-10.30pm, Sun from 2 to 6pm. Hostal Alegre.

An exhibition of all new art works by the Dutch artist Coby Bloemsma including colourful abstracts and objects made from recycled materials.

Arte y Salud

Nerja. Permanent exhibition on the lower floor of the Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquía.

The ground floor of the hospital is exhibiting works by members of the day centre of the Fundación Pública Andaluza para la Integración Social de Personas con Enfermedad Mental (FAISEM).

Arte Sur

ArteSur, Almuñécar.

ArteSur, Almuñécar.

Almuñécar. Until 31 August. La Galería, Plaza de la Constitución.

Thirty artists from the Arte Sur group are displaying unique painted vinyl records and satellite dishes