Exhibitions, music and events around the province

  • The summer exhibitions are slowly closing and galleries are preparing for the next season's art presentations so there's not much time left to see the works by some of the region's best artists.

Fernando Clemente, La Coracha.
Fernando Clemente, La Coracha.


José María Córdoba

Fuengirola. Until 20 September. Museo de la Ciudad, C/María Josefa Larrucea.

The exhibition Odiseo consists of paintings and drawings created by José María Córdoba and influenced by James Joyce’s books.

Studio Exhibition

Gaucín. Until end of the summer Sat and Sun, 11am - 2pm only. La Huerta, C/Convento.

Jennifer Waterhouse, Christine Spencer Green, Silvia Franco and Chris Klees show their work in their studios. The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, ceramic and photography.

Art Marbella

Marbella. From 24 September until 3 October. Palacio de Ferias y Congresos.

Art Marbella will be holding its sixth international modern and contemporary art fair. This year it will co-ordinating with Marbella Design for the first time.

Julio Anaya Cabanding

Julio Anaya Cabanding

Julio Anaya Cabanding

Marbella. Until 10 September. Galería Yusto / Giner, La Ermita industrial estate, C/Madera, 9.

Before 1881 is an exhibition by Julio Anaya Cabanding. Open in August by previous appt. only. Email: Call: 951507053

Abrazo de Oso

Alhaurín de la Torre. Until mid-September. Weekdays 6-10pm except Mondays. Finca El Portón.

More than 20 artists from different countries have participated in the project Abrazo de Oso to create an exhibition presenting a diversity of styles with a theme of someone or something hugging an animal of their choice. The art is for sale and half the money raised will be donated to the Patitas Andaluzas and Equinac associations.

David Sancho

Alhaurín el Grande. Until September. Sala de

Exposiciones, in the Municipal library.

Antequera artist David Sancho has travelled widely and has captured the colours of some of the countries he has visited on canvas. The exhibition includes works he completed after visits to Istanbul, Morocco and India as well as some of the Jardín Botánico La Concepción in Malaga and of his home town, Antequera.

Diego Ruíz Cortés

Fuengirola. Until 25 September. Casa de la Cultura, Avda Juan Gómez ‘Juanito’, 12. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm (also 5pm to 10pm from 16 September).

The exhibition 60 Years of Painting explores the evolution of the work of Diego Ruiz Cortés (Seville, 1930-2009).

Pepa Caballero

Malaga. Until 12 September. Estudio de Ignacio del Río, C/Lorenzo 29.

The exhibition consists of colourful paintings by the late Granada artist Pepa Caballero.

Museo Revello de Toro

Malaga Closed Mondays. C/Afligidos.

Félix Revello de Toro is a distinguished Malaga artist. Around 117 of his works are on display in the museum which regularly holds workshops and art classes for children and adults etc. More information call:952062069 or email:

Fernando Clemente

Malaga Sala Coracha, behind the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal.

Around sixty works created over the last fifteen years by Fernando Clemente entitled I Love Pintura.

Diálogos con Picasso

Malaga. Museo Picasso Málaga.

The exhibition Diálogos con Picasso. Colección 2020-2023 includes 120 works by the artist among which is the cubist sculpture Copa de absenta (1914) and the painting Susana y Los Ancianos (1955).

The Russian Museum

Malaga. Edificio Tabacalera, Avda Sor Teresa Prat.

Temporary exhibitions.The two temporary exhibitions currently held at the museum are Rompiendo el Silencio. El cine Mudo en Rusia (Breaking the Silence. Silent Film in Russia) and Andrèi Tarkovsky. Maestro del Espacio (Mast of Space). Andrèi Tarkovsky was one of the most influential Russian artists of the 20th century and forerunner of innovative techniques in the cinema of the time. In conjunction with this exhibition is a series of silent movies, with some of the most iconic Russian, Italian and American films available until 4 April 2021..

Annual exhibition. The current annual exhibition at the Russian museum features true-to-life works from the past three centuries. From still lifes of the 18th century to everyday scenes painted only a few months ago, the museum has created a tour consisting of 163 works in a succession of rooms. Until April 2021.

Centro Pompidou

Malaga. Muelle Uno.

Nicolas de Staël

Nicolas Staël, Centro Pompidou, Malaga.

Nicolas Staël, Centro Pompidou, Malaga.

Born in St Petersburg in 1914 but exiled in France, Staël exhibited for the first time in 1944. His abstract works reflect an austere and sombre time which gradually incorporate more light and colour towards 1952 when he adopted a more figurative style of painting.

From Miró to Barceló. The semi-permanent exhibition is entitled De Miró a Barceló. Un siglo de arte español. (A century of Spanish art). Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel were precursors of new ways of seeing and creating and their legacy still lives on. This chronological journey through a century of Spanish art shows that the generation of contemporary artists has kept alive the spirit of the avant-garde with extraordinary energy.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo


.Juan Lacomba.Until 30 August. The CAC has an exhibition by Seville artist Juan Lacomba entitled Aqui A Lo Lejos consisting of 175 works on display..

Nan Goldin. Until 25 October. American artist Nan Goldin is the author of a sequence of video clips entitled Siren in Espacio 5 of the gallery.

Bosco Sodi. From 4 September to 6 December. Ergo Sum is the first solo exhibition by Bosco Sodi in Spain. It consists of 30, large, black, monochromatic paintings and several golden sculptures.

Thyssen Museum

Malaga. Until 13 September, 9.30 - 2.30pm. 7 - 9pm Tuesday to Friday. 9.30am - 9pm Saturday and Sunday. C/Compañía .

Toulouse-Lautrec. During a brief stay in a sanatorium, Henri Toulouse - Lautrec created 39 drawings in crayon about the circus. These works were conserved after his death by his friend Maurice Joyant and reproduced in two stages using a photographic technique in 1905 and 1931. The reproductions were bound in two folders entitled Au Cirque. Thirty-nine prints of these drawings are on display in the museum until 13 September.

Masks. Metamorphosis of Modern Identity. The new season’s exhibition running until 10 January 2021 consists of over 100 works by national and international artists.

Cela - Picasso

Malaga. Until 4 October. Museo Casa Natal Picasso.

The exhibition entitled Trozo de Piel demonstrates the relationship between two geniuses, Pablo Picasso and Camilo José Cela. It consists of documents and photos symbolising the shared affinities and passions of the two friends.

Lola Guerrero

Lola Guerrero, Sala Alfajar, Malaga.

Lola Guerrero, Sala Alfajar, Malaga.

Malaga. Until 8 September. Sala Alfajar,


Fragilidad-Es is the name of the new, seasonal exhibition at the Alfajar gallery in Malaga. The artist, Lola Guerrero, reflects the fragility of nature in a series of delicate ceramics.

Sueños Etiopes

Malaga. Until 4 September, Cultural Exhibition Space, Malaga City Hall.

Twenty photographs taken by Cristina Muñoz Gaspar, volunteer for the Findación Harena, capture the youth of a Muketuri, small town in Ethiopia.

Museo Revello de Toro

Malaga. Closed Mondays. C/Afligidos.

Félix Revello de Toro is a distinguished Malaga artist. Around 117 of his works are on display in the museum which regularly holds workshops and art classes for children and adults. More information call:952062069 or email:

Ángeles Caídas

Malaga. Until 20 September. Archivo Municipal, Alameda Principal, 23.

Artists Paco Aguilar, Pilar Bandres, David Burbano, Carmen Campos, Pablo Caro Revidiego, Juanjo Fuentes, Isabel Garnelo, María Gkaliata, Julia Holtman, Mister Kaikus, Ismael Kachtihi, Roy Laguna, Marta O Nilsson., Eryk Pall, Cayetano Romero, Javier Roz, Tina Sánchez, Sara Sarabia, Cristina Savage and Marta Troya have collaborated to present this exhibition of their work which includes canvases, ceramics, videos and photographs.

Enrique Brinkmann

Enrique Brinkmann, Casa Gerald Brenan

Enrique Brinkmann, Casa Gerald Brenan

Malaga. Until 5 January 2021. Casa Gerald Brenan, C/Torremolinos, Churriana.

Artist Enrique Brinkmann has an exhibition of 12 of his works entitled Estrellas para Brenan, Obra Gráfica, a personal tribute to the writer. Brinkmann has exhibited in the MOMA in New York as well as many other museums and art galleries around the world.

18X2. Coleccionismo Institucional de Málaga

Antequera. Until 30 September. Tues - Sun 10am - 2pm and 7pm - 9.30pm. MAD, C/Diego Ponce 12.

The exhibition unites 36 works from the Diputación de Málaga and the Fundación Unicaja collections.

Francisco Martín Molina

Nerja. Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Pintada 27.

The exhibition of art by Francisco Martín Molina has re opened to the public. More information on Facebook: Exposición Francisco Martín, Calle Pintada.


Nerja. Until 5 September, Sala Municipal, Calle Cristo. Open daily 11.30am to 2.30pm and 7.30pm to 10pm.

“Mujeres “ or “Women” is the title of Coby Bloemsma’s latest exhibition. Female figures and portraits in different shapes, sizes and mediums and sculptures from recycled marerials. Two years ago Coby had a successful exhibition in the same Sala in Nerja but this year she presents a completely new and a totally different range of work.

Painted satellite dishes

Almuñécar. Until 31 August. The facade of the Town Hall.

Members of Arte Sur Almuñécar are displaying 15 satellite dishes which they have decoratively painted and have suspended from the facade of the town hall.


Museo del Patrimonio Municipal

Malaga. Tuesdays to Sundays 10am - 8pm. Avda de Cervantes 4.

With art collections from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century as well as artifacts, documents etc. relating to the economical, social and cultural development of the city of Malaga through the centuries.

Museo Interactivo de la Música

Malaga. Tuesdays to Sundays, 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Beatas, 15.

The museum holds workshops and has a varied display of instruments which recently included an exhibition of Aztec death whistles.

Museo de Málaga

Malaga. Tuesdays to Sundays, 9am - 3pm. Palacio de la Aduana.

The museum has an eclectic collection which includes art, sculpture and artefacts dating from prehistory up to the nineteenth century. Entry to the permanent collection is free to residents of the European Union but only in the morning.


Miguel Ángel Gil Electric Band

Fuengirola. 28 August, 9pm. Plaza de la Constitución.

The jazz fusion band headed by Malaga bass guitarist Miguel Ángel Gil live in Fuengirola.

Moraga Sound

Malaga. Until 30 August. Auditorio Playa Virginia, Auditorio Parque Héroes de la Batalla de Teatinos, Skate Park Rubén Alcántara, Auditorio Eduardo Ocón.

A series of concerts and dance performances including flamenco, funk, rock, jazz, hip hop, punk, folk, Indie and reggae organised by Malaga town hall.

Starlite Festival

Marbella. Until 29 August. Nagüeles quarry.

A shortened version of the festival this year with many of the original stars booked such as Tom Jones, Lionel Richie and Bonnie Tyler re-scheduled for 2021. Doors open at 8pm, concerts start at 10pm. Tickets and information: Ticketmaster and El Corte Inglés.. Tickets and information: and El Corte Inglés.

28 August . Morat. Spanish pop group.

29 August Aitana. Nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammy Awards 2019.

La Costa de la Música

Marbella. Saturdays 10pm until 29 August. Auditorio del Parque de la Constitución. 5€.

29 August. Tin Fernández Quintet. at the box office (Tues-Sat 7-10pm) or call: 902646289

Municipal band

Estepona. Every Sunday in August, 9pm. Plaza del Reloj.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Banda Municipal de Música de Estepona there will be a concert every Sunday in the square.

Ana Cisneros Quintet

Benalmádena. 28 August, 9pm. Auditorio Municipal Parque de La Paloma.

A night of jazz with the Ana Cisneros Quintet. Free. Places limited to 300. Arrive half an hour in advance.

Festival of Legends

Benalmádena. 29 August, 6pm. Municipal Auditorium Parque de la Paloma. 20€.

This five-hour Festival of Legends concert to raise funds for the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) will feature tributes to Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Queen, The Bee Gees, Elvis and Tina Turner. There will be a bar and food. Limited seating. Tickets: El Corte Inglés and Eventbrite or call 609488572.

Chamber Music Festival

Estepona. Plaza del Reloj. 8.30pm.

13 September. Cuarteto Tobía perform as part of the Classical 2020 CIEC International Chamber Music Festival. Liliya Makarova, violin; Kameliya Naydinova, violin; Irina Yonkova, viola; Sergio Gómez, cello.

20 September. Trío Pompeo perform as part of the Classical 2020 CIEC International Chamber Music Festival. Liliya Makarova, violin; Irina Yonkova, viola; Sergio Gómez, cello.

Terral de Málaga

Malaga. From 8 September. Teatro Cervantes.

A total of 16 concerts will take place including jazz, R&B, hip hop, rock, pop and flamenco. Tickets are onsale now and cost 12€ per concert.

More information and tickets:

9 September, 8pm. Ana Cisnero Jazz Quartet.

14 September, 8pm. Alicia Tamariz Sextet.

15 September, 8pm. The Beatles Songbook.

19 September, 8pm. Julia Martín.

21 September, 8pm. Anachronic.

25 September, 8pm. Dry Martina.

29 September, 8pm. Ernesto Aurignac and Moíses P Sánchez.

30 September, 8pm. Suzette & More

International Chamber Music Festival

Malaga. 23 - 27 September.

The Echegaray Theatre, Museo Pompidou and Museo Ruso de San Petersburgo will be the venues for a series of concerts and recitals. The five concerts themed on ‘Málaga Clasica’ will take place in the theatre while the recitals, showcasing young talent, will take place in the Pompidou and Russian museums. More information and tickets:,

Movie Score Málaga (MOSMA)

Malaga. Teatro Cervantes.

10 September, 8.30pm. The Malaga Symphonic Orchestra pay a tribute to Ennio Morricone, composer and trumpet player famous for his atmospheric scores of spaghetti westerns.

12 September, 8.30pm. The Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra plays some of Spain’s greatest film scores


Fuengirola. Until 5 September. Castillo Sohail.

The Marenostrum ‘Edición Limitada’ festival offers more than 35 musical, cabaret and comedy performances.

28 August. José Manuel Soto. One of the most popular singers in Andalucía.

29 August. Vive Suecia with pre and after show with DJ Colapso.

Find more information at

Tango Malaga 2020

Proyecto Tamgú, Teatro Echegaray, Malaga.

Proyecto Tamgú, Teatro Echegaray, Malaga.

Malaga. 18, 19 September. Teatro Echegaray. 15€.

Osvaldo Jiménez and Proyecto Tamgú perform classic tango music and dance. or Call: 952 076262.

Alhautor Festival

Alhaurín de la Torre . 11 September. Finca El Portón.

A total of eight concerts by well-known Spanish musicians including El Kanka, Arco and Annie B will take place during the summer. Places are limited. Tickets on the webpages Oh Salvaje and King Ocio as well as from post offices.


Verano Flamenco

La Cala de Mijas. Every Saturday until end of August from 9pm. Plaza Tenencia de la Alcaldia. Free.

Performances by the Zambra Flamenco Group and a live Flamenco show every Saturday.

Al Fresco

La Cala de Mijas. Plaza del Bulevar. Free.

29 August, 9.30pm Adriana ‘La Pimienta’, flamenco fusion.

Theatre and Dance

Teatro Cervantes

Malaga. During September.

4 September, 8pm. ‘Plaza de la Merced. El Espejo negro is a show with singing, dancing and acrobatics.

5 September, 10pm. ‘Facade of the theatre. Æthêr. De la oscuridad a la luz is performed by the REA Dance company high off the ground against the facade of the theatre.

6 September, 8pm. ‘Plaza de la Marina. The Rolabola Circus Company combines circus characters, acrobatics, theatre and rock.

Magical Nights at the La Concepción Botanical Gardens

Malaga 4, 11 September, 9.30pm. El Jardín Botánico La Concepción.

Theatrical presentation of “Jardín Botánico: El origen” which tells the story of the history of the gardens (in Spanish). 18€ adults, 15€ concessions. Guided nocturnal visits 3, 10, 17 September from 9.30pm for 7.50€. Reservations: 951926180 (limited places).

Lorca y Granada

Los Jardines del Generalife Until 29 August.

With the Manuel Liñán dance company. For more information, tickets etc:

Cervantes Outdoors

Malaga September.

Open air events to accompany the Max theatre awards.

4 September, 8pm. Plaza de la Merced. El Espejo Negro is a show with singing, dancing and acrobatics.

5 September, 10pm. Facade of the theatre. Æthêr. De la oscuridad a la luz is performed by the REA Dance company high off the ground against the facade of the theatre.

6 September, 8pm. Plaza de la Marina. The Rolabola Circus Company combines circus characters, acrobatics, theatre and rock.

Charity events

Cruz Roja Concert


29 August, 6pm. Municipal Auditorium. 20€.

This five-hour Festival of Legends concert to raise funds for the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) will feature tributes to Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Queen, The Bee Gees, Elvis and Tina Turner. There will be a bar and food. Limited seating. Tickets: El Corte Ingles and Eventbrite or call 609488572.

ACE Charity Golf Tournament


13 September, Miraflores Golf Club.

The popular Texas Scramble format has been chosen for the event, with the first team of four players teeing-off at 8.27am. Prizes to be competed for include Nearest the Pin, Longest Drive Ladies & Men, and Individual Ladies and Men. The Tournament will be followed by a two-course lunch (with choice of menu), served on the Golf Club terrace accompanied by live entertainment, as well as the Awards Ceremony and a Charity Raffle. Fees are 80€ per player which includes green fee, shared buggy and lunch. Non players pay 25€ each for lunch. Reservations: or call:606145359 / 647 647671.

Lux Mundi Taize Prayer

Torre del Mar. 18 September, 8.15pm. San Andrés, Parish Church.

Tel.952 543 334 or email:

Lux Mundi Grand Sale

Fuengirola. 16 - 19 September, 10am - 3pm. Calle Nueva 3.

Everything must go, kitchen ware, furniture, electric heaters and fans, other electrical goods, toys, books, CDs and DVDs, golf clubs andChristmas decorations. The boutique will also be open.

Lux Mundi Grand Prayer Meetings

Fuengirola. September.

16 September, 7.45pm. Taizé Prayer at the Parish Church Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

25 September, 8pm. Special ecumenical prayer in Malaga Cathedral for the victims of the pandemic.

Visits and attractions

Guided tour of the English cemetery


4 September, 5pm. The English Cemetery. 6€.

Visit the first Protestant cemetery on mainland Spain in a unique tour and discover what stories are hidden behind the gate of Avenida de Pries, 1. https://cementerioinglesmalaga

El Caminito del Rey


Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.


Centro de la Prehistoria de Guadalteba


Open from 10am - 2pm.

More information call: 952458046 or email:

Iglesia Rupestre Mozárabe Bobastro


Open from 10am - 2pm.

More information call: 952458046 or email:

The Dolmens, Antequera.

The Dolmens, Antequera.

The Dolmens


Until 30 September, 9am - 3pm, 8 - 10pm. From 1 October until 31 December, 9am - 6pm. Closed Mondays with some exceptions.

The World Heritage site, the prehistoric Dolmens of Antequera. On 19 July the Menga Festival of Music and Light will take place at 10pm. Free entry. Reservations: or call 952712206 / 07 or 670945453

Alcazaba and Gibralfaro


Open from 9am -8pm. Last admittance at 7.15pm.

Numbers to both monuments are restricted during the lockdown.

Nerja Caves


Until 8 September 9.30am - 7pm.

Entry is restricted and family units must retain five metres between them. A thermal camera measures the temperature of every visitor and gloves and hand sanitiser is made available.

Ornithological park Loro Sexi


Open from 10am - 2pm, 6-9pm. C/Bikini, 1.

Just 100 metres from the Castillo San Miguel, the Loro Sexi park has held an important collection of exotic birds for over thirty years.

Parque Botánico-Orquidario


Tues - Fri, 9am - 2pm, 3-6pm. Sat 10am - 2pm, 3-6pm. Sun and bank holidays, 10am -2pm. Closed Mondays.

The orchidarium is on two levels and contains a huge variety of orchids, many of which will be in bloom this summer as well as other species that are found in the orchids' natural habitat.

Selwo Marina

10am - 6pm.

Masks must be worn throughout the route and limited numbers allowed in some of the spaces and activities.