The beauty of Doñana captured at the CAC

Juan F. Lacomba poses in front of his paintings in the CAC Málaga.
Juan F. Lacomba poses in front of his paintings in the CAC Málaga. / Salvador Salas
  • The Malaga Contemporary Art Centre's latest exhibition reflects Juan F. Lacomba's fascination with the natural landscape and marshes of the national park in Huelva province

"I've never had the urge to show my work, I've stayed hidden... it's my quiet way of being." Juan F. Lacomba speaks as he stands among the large-format paintings at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga (CAC Málaga) which represent the extensive career over the last three decades of this leading figure in contemporary Andalusian art.

Lacomba's works are included in the collections of institutions such as the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the National Library, the Museo Patio Herreriano and the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo.

Of the 175 pieces on display, all have the same theme: Lacomba's fascination for the landscape of Doñana National Park and its marshes. Ninety have never been shown to the public.

Like Lacomba himself, animals appear concealed by the changing beauty of the natural landscape, the mutations of the landscape in form and background, the chromatic richness of a changing and elusive place like Lacomba's own painting. "I always start from feeling. If I don't find any feeling, I wouldn't paint", the artist explained.

The exhibition marks the return to the CAC Málaga of the former director of the centre, Fernando Francés, the curator of the exhibition. Francés was the head of the CAC Málaga from its origins until February last year, when he moved into regional politics as Secretary General of Cultural Innovation and Museums of the Regional Ministry of Culture, a position in which he remained for five months until his resignation at the beginning of August.

Francés is now the curator of this exhibition which is entitled 'Aquí a lo lejos' in which Lacomba focuses on Doñana's physical space to project a "universal landscape".

The exhibition is open until 30 August, from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am until 9.30pm.

Entry is free and the gallery of open on every third Monday of the month.