Historic women given voices in Almuñécar to mark International Women's Day

A rehearsal for the monologues.
A rehearsal for the monologues. / SUR
  • Eleven women from the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK will be reading monologues written by resident Lesley Hart

As part of a weekend of activities marking international Women's Day in Almuñécar, 11 women from the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK will be reading monologues written by resident, Lesley Hart, in collaboration with Almuñécar's International Women's Club.

Of the women that feature in the monologues, Lesley explains that some are based on real people and others are fictitious. Among the real people are 'Lucy', the remains of the oldest human which were found in 1974 in Ethiopia. Other monologues are Lesley's interpretations of the stories of the 12-year-old Inca princess found in Argentina in 1999, believed to have been a victim of the Inca practice of child sacrifice, and Mother Courage - the heroine of the 1939 play written by German dramatist Bertolt Brecht.

"There are some lighter bits too," says Lesley. And these include a woman called Marjory, loosely based on a story she was once told by a priest.

All of the monologues are connected through a character called 'The Guide' who will reveal herself at the end.

American violinist, Cynthia Treggor will be playing throughout the performance.

The activities, which include an art exhibition, workshops and concerts, will be held in the Casa de la Cultura between 6 and 8 March.

The monologues, Putting Words into our Mouths- Monologues of Marvellous Women, will be performed on 8 March at 5.30pm in English and 7pm in Spanish.

For more information, visit the Facebook page, Celebrating Women's Strength.