Love To Sing Broadway show to raise funds for Sarah Almagro

The Love To Sing choir following a recent fundraiser.
The Love To Sing choir following a recent fundraiser. / SUR
  • The event on 8 November will help buy prosthetic limbs for a local girl who lost her feet and hands to a lethal bacteria in July last year

An international community choir will perform a concert in Estepona on Friday 8 November in aid of a girl who lost her hands and feet following an illness.

Organised by the Love to Sing Choir, the event will help buy prosthetics for local Spanish girl Sarah Almagro, who lost her feet and hands to sepsis in July last year.

The event will feature songs from popular Broadway musicals and Hollywood films including Chicago, Guys and Dolls and Skyfall.

Founded in September 2017, the choir performs concerts along the coast and has raised thousands of euros for local charities.

Shirley Helleur, the choir's musical director, told SUR in English: "It's been really inspiring to see the choir grow from its humble beginnings to now boast over 50 members. We have members from over a dozen countries including Argentina, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Great Britain and Ireland.

"To be at a stage where we can perform a concert to over 200 people and at the same time help Sarah Almagro really is a great position to be in after only two years from our first ever meeting."