Álora celebrates day in honour of its traditional 'sopa perota'

Sopa perota is at the centre of the festival in Álora.
Sopa perota is at the centre of the festival in Álora. / SUR
  • The sixteenth edition of this popular gastronomic event will take place in Plaza Baja de la Despedía from midday this Saturday

The sixteenth edition of Día de las Sopas Perotas, one of the most popular gastronomic events in the province of Malaga, will take place in Álora tomorrow (Saturday). The festival is held in the Plaza Baja de la Despedía from midday and highlights one of the town's most famous dishes, 'sopa perota'.

This hearty dish - made with bread, tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, mint and saffron and despite its name bears little resemblance to a soup - was once the staple diet of farmers and day labourers. Thousands of portions are served to visitors, accompanied by other traditional products such as manzanilla olives, locally made bread and wine.

In addition, there are performances by verdiales bands, flamenco recitals, folklore shows, workshops and a gastronomic market offering locally grown products, cheeses, chorizo, blood sausage and Malaga's famous sweet wines.

There is also a special sopa perota route, where visitors can sample variations of the dish at one of the 27 participating bars and restaurants.

The event also presents a series of live music concerts, including Javier Ojeda, lead singer of the '80s pop sensation Danza Invisible.

Organisers have arranged a special bus services that operates from the train station to transport visitors up into the town. For more information, see