"It was great fun but it all felt like a dream"

"It was great fun but it all felt like a dream"
  • Kris Marshall has a cameo role in Trick or Treat whose premiere will take place at the upcoming Marbella Film Festival

Kris Marshall said he got involved in the film as he's been friends with Craig and Dean Lennox Kelly and other members of the cast for many years.

He told SUR in English: "Craig asked me if I'd be interested and it was a pleasure to be a part of a film together."

Kris added that he only has a cameo in the film, which was filmed in one night shot in a car park in Dagenham.

He said: "I was on stage in the West End at the time, went straight from my show, filmed all night, grabbed three hours sleep then went back on stage. It was great fun, but it kind of all felt like a dream!"

As for who he thinks the film will appeal to, he added: "Anyone who has settled down with kids, and is perhaps missing the bright lights of their single life, and anyone who loves a good story full of suspense."