New wave nostalgia for diehard punk rockers

Die-hard punks will perform in Benalmádena on Saturday.
Die-hard punks will perform in Benalmádena on Saturday. / SUR
  • The Reinfected, will perform in Benalmádena Costa on Saturday 16 March

The Costa del Sol's resident punk rock band, The Reinfected, will perform in the newly-refurbished Voodoo Bar (formerly The Elephante) in Benalmádena Costa tomorrow, Saturday .

The five-piece band, which consists of English and Swedish musicians that were active during the 1970s punk scene, came together in 2015 to recreate the spirit of the pervasive subculture that exploded onto the British music scene in the summer of 1976.

The band's guitarist, Martin Hope, took part in the new wave movement with his band, The Accused, who had relative success on the Birmingham punk scene - one of the most exciting outside London during the genre's golden era.

The night promises to be a must for diehard punk rockers who participated in the offensive T-shirt and dyed hair, anti-establishment revolution that changed the face of modern music and how it was produced.

The band, which has gained a reputation for their raw sound and exciting stage show, will perform a two-hour set of iconic songs, including those of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones and The Damned. The Voodoo Sounds Disco will keep the audience pogo-ing with a mixture of classic punk and new wave hits before and after the band perform.

The Reinfected have a series of gigs lined up along the Costa del Sol during the early spring. For more information, see the band's Facebook page. Tickets for Saturday's gig, which starts at 10pm, cost 5 euros.