Inside Van Gogh


The show includes 3,000 images depicting the life and works of the Dutch master. / M. Fernández

  • Malaga plays host to Van Gogh Alive, a multimedia exhibition focusing on the life and works of the Dutch genius

"It's amazing. It feels like you're inside a Van Gogh painting!" These were the words of Sara, a seven-year-old visitor to the show-cum-exhibition that can now be visited near Malaga city's lighthouse.

She made her enthusiastic comments from the orange cushion she had chosen to lie on to watch the colourful display of Van Gogh paintings on the screens surrounding her from the best possible position.

Van Gogh Alive is a show with more than 3,000 images projected onto the six-metre-high walls of the specially-built exhibition hall. The audience is surrounded by some of the Dutch master's most famous paintings, from Sunflowers, to Wheatfield with Cypresses, Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear, Bedroom in Arles and The Starry Night.

Inside Van Gogh

/ M. F.

The first part of Van Gogh Alive takes visitors through a series of informative panels which explain more about the life and works of the painter. This whets the appetite for the second part: two rooms where 40 high definition projectors show the half-hour video that takes visitors inside the artist's famous creations.

Sara was by no means the only youngster watching the show that day. The educational value of the exhibition has made it popular with schools and families this week in Malaga and in the other cities the show has stopped at. In fact more than 300,000 people watched Van Gogh Alive at its previous sites in Seville, Alicante and Madrid.

Van Gogh Alive will be in Malaga port until 9 June. For more information visit