The healing power of art

One of Gabrielle’s visually expressive surrealist paintings.
One of Gabrielle’s visually expressive surrealist paintings. / SUR
  • Gabrielle Ange's ‘The Journey of the Soul’ exhibition attempts to allow visitors to re-establish a connection with their creativity

The Magpie International Art Gallery in Marbella is hosting a new exhibition of works by French surrealist artist, Gabrielle Ange.

‘The Journey of the Soul’, an exhibition of paintings in oil on canvas, is a collection of colourful works that focuses on the healing power of intuitive painting.

The artist believes that intuitive painting allows one to reconnect with one’s creativity, freeing the expression of the soul and awakening the artistic sensibility.

There are 14 paintings in the exhibition and the use of colour is most prominent in all of these dazzling abstract works.

Gabrielle has lived and worked in several countries while developing her unique style and she founded her own school of intuitive and healing painting.

Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world and she has sold works to private collectors in France, Spain, Britain, America, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

The exhibition, which is free, opens today (Friday) at 7pm and will continue until Wednesday 28 June.

The Magpie International Gallery, situated in Calle Virgen del Pilar, is an intimate exhibition space in Marbella dedicated to promoting art and fine photography.