Baldizzone skating in Paraguay. / FEP/RANIERO CORBELLETTI

Costa del Sol figure skater crowned world champion

In the competition held in Paraguay, Natalia Baldizzone from Fuengirola won gold in the senior Solo Dance category


A nineteen-year-old figure skater from the Costa del Sol has won senior gold in the Solo Dance category at the World Championships in Paraguay, in her third world cup competition.

Natalia Baldizzone from Fuengirola had already proved her talent a few years ago when she won first place in the 2018 World Championship.

The Spanish Federation of Artistic Skating celebrated this triumph: "Impressive success for Spanish figure skating. Natalia Baldizzone has demonstrated her superiority on the rink and has beaten the German Alexandrovna and the Italian Sofia with a total score of 149.93 points. Natalia's ability to improve has allowed her to achieve this brilliant result,"reads their website.

Her perseverance has taken her to the top: "To prepare for this championship I trained every day from seven in the morning and then in the afternoon I also dedicated a few hours to stretching, technique..." she explained.

"I still don't believe it, I'm very excited," admitted Natalia Baldizzone. "This is a dream for me, I'm still flying high."

Skating runs in her blood. Her mother, Angélica Morales, is one of the pioneers of skating in Fuengirola and current coach of the El Tejar Club, where the world champion trains.

She started skating as soon as she could walk.

"It all started when I was 15 months old. And since then, I have been dedicated to this all my life," said Baldizzone.

Speaking about her performance in this World Cup, the Fuengirola skater said that she let "everything flow".

"In the first round I was very nervous, but then it went well. It's just that there was a lot of competition,"she confirmed.

Baldizzone concluded, "Now it's time to go home and start working again, thinking about next season."

Her success comes after the previous achievement of Adrián Aguilar, also from Malaga, who came runner-up in the youth free skating category at the European Championships in September 2021.