Referee Gálvez Roscón talking with VAR.

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Referee Gálvez Roscón talking with VAR. agencia lof

Video assistant referee snatches away Malaga's first win on the road

Referees disallowed Genaro's late goal despite Huesca's Salvador touching the ball

antonio góngora

Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 12:17


Malaga faced a tough trip away from home on Tuesday night against promotion favourites Huesca. José Alberto's side came into the game knowing that anything but a defeat would be a success, but the final score left a sour taste in every Malaga fan's mouth.

Huesca dominated the first 45 minutes, albeit not as much as they would have hoped, while Malaga came out in the second half full of pace and depth. José Alberto made the correct changes to the starting XI, returning to a defensive, two-man midfield that would eventually hold its own against the home side, but never restrained Malaga going forward.

The end result was a perfectly balanced game for the Andalusian side, who like their hosts couldn't take advantage of their chances throughout the majority of the match. It seemed set to end goalless, but a late corner headed by Paulino came off Huesca's Cristian Salvador and was eventually headed in by Genaro.

But referee David Gálvez Rascón, after a long check with VAR, decided against giving the goal, as he deemed two Málaga players, Peybernes and Genaro, to be offside.

This decision is very similar to a goal that was given to Kylian Mbappé against Spain in the Nations League final a couple of weeks ago, which makes Malaga's misfortune even more infuriating.

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