Genaro celebrates his goal against Lugo. /ñito salas

Genaro celebrates his goal against Lugo. / ñito salas

Malaga rule at La Rosaleda with a 1-0 victory against Lugo

Genaro scored the goal for the Blue and White team, who now occupy the middle of Spain's Second Division points table


Malaga proved once again that they dominate at home with a 1-0 win against Lugo on Saturday night at La Rosaleda.

They have not yet lost on their home turf this season.

Malaga played well on all lines and without any obvious mismatches, though they should have won by more.

They had many opportunities but could only convert one to a goal.

Genaro's goal

Genaro was the scorer again, as in the previous match in Huesca, to give his team a well-deserved victory against a much less potent Lugo.

The midfielder’s goal added three points for the Blue and Whites, placing them ninth in Spain's Second Division points table.

1 Malaga

0 Lugo

    Lineup changes

    Coach José Alberto made a few changes to the lineup, in some cases forced due to injury, but also kept some of those made in Huesca, for example the Escassi-Genaro pairing in the centre which allowed him to strengthen the wide channel.

    The success of these changes could be observed from the start of the match since Lugo had many difficulties in generating offensive play.

    Sekou showed more rhythm, leading to Malaga controlling the game while they waited for clearer goal options.

    Injury for Sekou

    At the end of the first half José Alberto had to replace an injured Sekou, who was having his best match for the team, with Brandon, who was on the bench as a result of the rotations.

    Genaro’s shot to the first post after a pass by Víctor Gómez surpassed the goalkeeper and led to a 1-0 score, a week after his goal in Huesca was cancelled by the VAR.

    This time, it allowed his team to win and get ahead on the scoreboard.

    The Galician team were unable to damage a Malaga side that worked seamlessly in defence, with Lombán and Juande playing impeccably.

    Lugo made five changes, attempting to alter the course of the match, to no avail.

    The Blue and Whites continued at a strong pace until the final whistle, celebrating their win which advances them by three points in the classification.