Malaga showed major improvements in their visiting performance. /AGENCIA LOF

Malaga showed major improvements in their visiting performance. / AGENCIA LOF

Malaga improve their away performance with Friday's draw against Valladolid (1-1)

The Blue and Whites started with the advantage but Valladolid equalised in a balanced match


Malaga showed that they have made progress during their away games, due to a greater pressure and consistency, in Friday 8 October's match against Valladolid, which culminated in a draw.

They beat Valladolid in the first half, but in the second they had difficulty holding off the opponents.

The Blue and Whites, this time dressed in orange, scored their second goal of this season outside La Rosaleda, and took eighth place in the league table.

Brandon was the scorer thanks to a perfect penalty kick after a great play by Paulino.

The Malaga goal reflects the teams' work and commitment.

They did show some shortcomings, but overcame them to draw against the strong and recently relegated opponents.

Valladolid started better in both halves, scoring the equalising goal in the second, shortly after the break.

Malaga CF coach José Alberto was very clear that the team needed to play with two midfielders in away games.

With Luis Muñoz injured, the Blue and White team need greater consistency away from La Rosaleda, as could be seen in Ponferrada three weeks ago, where they fell short massively in a 4-0 defeat.

Alberto put this into practice in Valladolid with the combination of Escassi and Genaro, and Jozabed up front.

The tactics achieved the planned results, even though the home team started very strong, trying to prevent the visitors from taking control.

To balance the game, Malaga reacted by stepping up the pressure.

They achieved this steadily and left no room for the opponents.

With clear nerves in the Valladolid team and many protests, some unjustified, to the referee, Malaga continued to threaten.

Everything changed again in the second half.

A refreshed Valladolid dominated the game and equalised.

The match became tougher and remained open, although the pace slowed down little by little due to the fatigue of the two teams until the end of the match.