The second week of the ECC gets under way with high octane play

A batter in action at the Cártama Oval. EUROPEAN CRICKET NETWORK
A batter in action at the Cártama Oval. EUROPEAN CRICKET NETWORK
  • The second week of the inaugral competition is drawing to a close following Group B's exciting matches

The second week of the inaugural 2021 European Cricket Championship is now drawing to a close at the Cártama Oval.

With Group A, consisting of Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Belgium, having played twenty-four exciting 90-minute matches, Spain and Belgium battled against each other in the group final to decide the winner.

Belgium emerged victorious with an impressive batting total of 137, leaving Spain falling short with a total of 107.

However, all hope is not lost for the hosts, who qualify for the showcase Championship week commencing 4 October, and also had the players with the most runs and the most wickets.

Group B, including teams from the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and Romania, began their fiercely contested matches on 20 September.

The Netherlands XI side proved their strengths by defeating all opponents thus far bar Portugal on 23 September, who went on to gain their second win of the day against Romania.

Austria has beaten all opposition except the Netherlands side, while Romania has beaten Portugal once and had a victory and a loss against Hungary.

Group C, featuring England XI as well as Italy, Germany, Finland and the Czech Republic, will begin their matches on 27 September, with the first game taking place between Italy and Germany at 9am.

The combination of the pitch, which has proven to be fruitful for the batters so far, and England XI's hard-hitters mean that the England team has very high chances of going far in the tournament.

The heavily-tipped favourites of the cohort, the England XI side will commence their first match against Germany at 1pm on 27 September, followed by Finland at 5pm on the same day.