A sport that began in 1930 and arrived in Spain in 2015

Nordic walking has only recently become a regulated sport in Spain. It was accepted by the General Assembly of the Spanish Mountain Sports and Climbing Federation (FEDME) on 27 June 2015, and incorporated on that day in the federative statutes as an official sport.

However, it actually dates back to 1930, when the Finnish skiing team started training in the summer by simulating the actions of their sport, walking and running, but adapting the exercise by using poles.

The first documented classes in walking with poles took place in 1966, and this form of exercise was included in Physical Education lessons in Finland. In the year 2000 the International Nordic Walking Association was formed.

The sport consists of walking with two poles, usually made of fibre, with the aim of optimising one's own physical effort during the biomechanical movement of the body when walking. It is a simple, natural and effective way of improving physical condition and toning the muscles in both the upper body (arms, shoulders, back) and the lower (buttocks and legs). Age, weight and height are immaterial.