Olympic silver medal for Malaga martial arts star Damián Quintero

  • The karate fighter was runner-up to Ryo Kiyuna from Japan in the kata final at the Tokyo 2020 Games

Malaga martial arts fighter Damián Quintero will take home a silver medal from Tokyo's 2020 Olympic Games, after being beaten Ryo Kiyuna in the final of the karate kata discipline in Japan.

Kata consists of an exhibition of blows and defences without combat with another adversary.

Up until five years ago the Olympic runner-up had not planned to enter the Games, because the sport had not yet become part of the Games programme.

The 37-year-old from Malaga has become only the seventh-ever Olympic medallist from the province and the first in an individual discipline at the Summer Games. Snowboarder Regino Hernández was a bronze medallist in the Winter Games.

In the final, the man from Malaga opted for an 'old acquaintance', the Superinpei kata routine. Quintero’s performance received a score of 27.66 (19.32 for technical and 8.34 for sports performance), but the jury decided that his rival was the winner, and with his Ohan Dai kata, he scored 28.72, with 20.02 for technical performance and 8.70 for sports performance.

Quintero’s silver medal came just a day after Spain’s Sandra Sánchez, 39, won gold in the same discipline by fighting off a challenge from the Japanese competitor Kiyou Shimizu.

Spain now stands in nineteenth position in the medal tables at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with a total of 13: three golds, five silvers and five bronze.