Go-ahead given for return of federated athletes to action and spectators at sporting events

Crowds were present at the recent handball Copa de la Reina final.
Crowds were present at the recent handball Copa de la Reina final. / EFE
  • Teams sports will be limited to stable groups of 25 with details of participants all logged to facilitate infection tracking if necessary

The return of a certain level of normality to the world of sport in the region moved one step closer this week with the Junta de Andalucía publishing an order from the Regional Ministry of Health and Families, allowing for the return of federated sport and for spectators to attend matches and competitions - both with certain restrictions put in place.

These new rules will allow more than 500,000 Andalusian federated sportsmen and women to return to training, take part in friendly matches and participate in competitions on an official basis. Depending on the sport, becoming federated can cost as little as three euros.

These measures are in addition to those previously announced, such as the requirement for antibody tests to be carried out before the start of competitions, in collaboration with the Andalusian sports federations, as well as respecting the general health and safety measures established by the health authorities (the use of masks and interpersonal distancing while not practising sport, good hand hygiene etc).

If the nature of the sport makes it unfeasible to maintain the established safety distance, the maximum number of participants must be limited to stable groups of no more than 25 for group sports and ten in other disciplines. In addition, the details of participating athletes and trainers must be recorded to facilitate tracking in the case of a positive Covid-19 test.

Doors open to spectators

Another major element of the order issued by the Junta this week is the potential return of spectators. Provided that approval is given by the Health authorities following a risk assessment and there is consensus with the federations, spectactors will be allowed to return as long as they have an assigned seat. Outdoor venues can now fill to 65 per cent of their capacity (up to 800 spectators), while for indoor pavilions or arenas, 65 per cent of seats can be filled, up to a total of 500 people.