Five Covid-19 positives among Malaga players in first round of tests before pre-season training

Juanpi at the temperature check.
Juanpi at the temperature check. / ÑITO SALAS
  • While some players are expected to be leaving soon, there were no absences on the first day back at La Rosaleda for Covid-19 tests

Malaga CF announced on Thursday that after tests on the first day back at work this week, five players tested positive for Covid-19. Without naming the players in question, the club said that they were all well and did not have symptoms.

Activity at the club got back under way as planned at La Rosaleda this week. There were few surprises when the cars started rolling up at the stadium on Wednesday morning, the only 'new' face being Mula, back after his half-season loan to Alcorcón. The club plans to keep Mula for this 2020-21 season, which began with the first of two Covid-19 tests all players have to undergo before they can start training as a group.



Initially this will happen at the Federación ground on the outskirts of the city, as the two pitches at La Rosaleda still need to be left a few weeks for reseeding to take effect.

First to arrive on Wednesday were the training staff (head coach Pellicer was there long before the 8am start), followed by the players who, as well as the Covid tests, were also given blood tests and had their weight and body fat checked.

None of the players with contracts was missing, with the exception of José Rodríguez, who started his holidays weeks later than everyone else having been loaned to Fuenlabrada.

One of the players to attract the most attention on his arrival was Keidi, who is apparently close to leaving the club on a transfer.

All of the players politely refused to answer reporters' questions as they entered and left the stadium.



Inside, each of the players met with the coaching team to discuss the plans for the coming season and the start of training. Sporting director, Manolo Gaspar, met with some players to inform them of the situation of the team, which is in drastic need of restructuring.

There is plenty to be discussed: financial issues, with the need to balance spending on players; and sporting issues, as the Malaga coaches have ruled out several of the players still with the club from the team for the coming season.

The only player who did offer an opinion on Wednesday was Tete, who spoke of his impressions of the start of the season to the club's own cameras.

Tete, who comes from La Línea de la Concepción, said that he was keen to get back to work.

Diego González.

Diego González. / ÑITO SALAS

He said that it would be "strange" to go back one by one as they did in May after the lockdown (they can't train together until the Covid test results have been delivered, according to LaLiga protocol).

New start for Femenino

Malaga's women's team also went back to work this week, training for the first time on Wednesday after the health checks on Monday.

While still waiting for a fixture list and dates for the Second Division matches (Liga Reto Iberdrola) the team will be doing their pre-season training in Cártama.