Malaga pick up the pace as return draws nearer

Julio and Mikel grapple for possession of the ball.
Julio and Mikel grapple for possession of the ball. / LALIGA
  • The intensity of the training continues to rise with group sessions allowing tactical and technical training

The pace of the sessions is getting faster every day... and it has to with a return to action in Spain's professional football leagues a little over two weeks away.

After just a week and a half of individual training, group sessions are now under way and are progressing much quicker than expected given the extended (and unexpected) break. So far, at least, the Malaga players agree that the plan designed to get football restarted in Spain "has been a success", according to Malaga vice-captain Luis Hernández.

Though these group sessions are still far from normal, the players are now able to move on from a focus on fitness to getting a feel for the ball and working on the chemistry with their teammates.

Coach Sergio Pellicer, who is very much a part of all of the drills, has been especially demanding when it comes to control of the shot, transitions in tight spaces or the coordination in the pass.

Besides all the safety protocols, another element the players have had to get used to has been the heat. However, for goalkeeper, Munir, this hasn't been a problem: "If we can train now in this heat, then we will be ready to play in these conditions too."