Qatari investment group makes offer to purchase BlueBay's shares in Malaga CF

Sheikh Al-Thani (front left)
Sheikh Al-Thani (front left) / Salvador Salas
  • With the club facing serious problems on and off the field, this investment group has given BlueBay a week to accept their offer

It has been said many times before, but this is a crucial week for the future of Malaga CF. With the club facing serious financial problems and no imminent solution to the dispute between club president Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani and the BlueBay hotel group, an offer to purchase BlueBay's shares from a Qatari investment group could soon break the impasse.

The offer, which was tabled on Wednesday, will expire within a week (on 23 October) with the businessmen considering it a priority to take over the club immediately as it can ill afford a lengthy process with La Liga set to dish out sanctions (including a possible points deduction) if measures aren't taken to reduce expenditure and increase revenue before the end of the calendar year.

This date is significant; it falls the day before Al-Thani's right to appeal the court's ruling to return 49 per cent of his shares and control of the club to BlueBay expires.

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, has this past week been acting as an intermediary in a bid to resolve the problems facing the club. He has met with both Malaga CF's acting chief executive Richard Shaheen and BlueBay's director general Gonzalo Hervás to try to carve out a solution that is satisfactory for all parties. It was during the meeting with Hervás that the offer from the Qatari investment group was discussed.