Malaga Feminino still without elusive win

María Ruiz with an effort in the first half.
María Ruiz with an effort in the first half. / Germán Pozo
  • Goalkeeper Sheila put on a strong display to thwart the hosts' comeback

Malaga's women's team were once again frustrated in their search of their first win of the season as they were held by Pozoalbense at Malaga Football Federation's ground on Saturday.

The visitors took the lead early on courtesy of Sousa whose header at the near post from the corner took keeper Noelia by surprise.

This proved to be very much against the run of play as the hosts dominated possession and were frustrated not only by refereeing decisions, but also by Pozoalbense keeper Sheila.

María Ruiz was Malaga's biggest threat in the first half, skimming the crossbar with an early effort, before drawing a majestic save from Sheila just before the interval.

Adriana then rattled the bar in the second half before being given the opportunity to score from the penalty spot after a handball. The captain duly converted, relieving some of the tension around the ground.

This gave the hosts a platform to push for the winner. Cintia persisted with a number of crosses from the right, Pamela and Adriana tried their luck from distance and Edna spurned a number of chances.

In the end it was a combination of wastefulness and a sublime performance from Sheila, who stopped two certain goals in the second half, that would deny Malaga. Malaga keeper Noelia, by contrast, hardly touched the ball.

The result leaves Malaga in 13th place (out of 16) in the southern group of the Reto Iberdrola after four games.