Ángel Mora will run 42.2 kilometres on 17 February.
Running a marathon to show solidarity with 'Butterfly Skin' children

Running a marathon to show solidarity with 'Butterfly Skin' children

Ángel Mora, a runner from Marbella, will be taking part in the Zurich Marathon in Seville to raise funds to help people who suffer from Epidermolysis bullosa

Mónica Pérez

Friday, 4 January 2019, 15:46


Ángel Mora, an athlete who is part of the 'Deportistas por una Causa' group, is to run the Zurich Marathon in Seville on 17 February to raise money for the Piel de Mariposa association. He will tackle the 42.2-kilometre challenge to "give wings to sufferers of Butterfly Skin disease".

"When you meet these children you can't stop thinking about them, about their eyes, their smiles, their wish to live the same way as other children. So you decide to do whatever you can to help them," says Mora.

He is also calling for everyone else to provide their "grain of sand" to help to improve the quality of life for sufferers and their families. He has set up a crowdfunding site,, and says he will use his determination and his legs to help, while others can do their bit by making a donation. "Between us we can give them the wings they need to have a better life," he says.

Butterfly Skin disease, otherwise known as Epidermolysis bullosa, is a rare and incurable genetic illness. Its sufferers have extremely fragile skin, and even the slightest scrape can cause it to blister, scar or flake. It is extremely debilitating, as injuries can easily occur during everyday life.

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