Volunteers cleaning up.
Grassroots football unites to help Campillos following flooding

Grassroots football unites to help Campillos following flooding

Neighbouring clubs have offered up their facilities and have pledged financial support

Fernando MORGADO

Friday, 2 November 2018, 12:45

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The clean-up continues in inland Malaga province following the recent flooding which affected numerous municipalities. Perhaps worst hit was Campillos where the town's only football stadium, and home to CD Campillos, is completely waterlogged and it is feared that no games can be played here for the rest of the season.

Support, however, has been forthcoming from a number of neighbouring clubs, also in the lower divisions.

CD Almargen UD have said that Campillos can use their facilities to train and play and will also put out donation boxes during their games.

Other clubs, such as Antequera, Archidona Atlético, Atlético Ardales, CD Abdalajís and Vélez, have also offered to help with fundraising and the clean-up.

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