All-British final at the International Inline Hockey Tournament in Fuengirola

The winners presented with their trophy on Sunday. :: SUR
The winners presented with their trophy on Sunday. :: SUR
  • Scape Goats from the south coast of England lifted the trophy after a weekend of close action at the Sante Fe rink in Los Boliches

British side Scape Goats ran out winners as the Fuengirola Lions hosted the ninth International Inline Hockey Tournament last weekend at the Santa Fe rink in Los Boliches.

For this event, four teams came from the UK, one from Finland and three from southern Spain, of which two were the Fuengirola-based teams: Barona and Lions.

All of the match-ups were extremely tight; none more so than the last game on Saturday when Scape Goats beat the Lions with just a fraction of a second left on the game. The Fuengirola team were winning until just 30 seconds to go, but the side made up of players from the south coast of England equalised and bagged the winner just before the buzzer.

At the end of the first day, two British sides, Blizzards (from Nottinghamshire) and the aforementioned Scape Goats, topped group A and group B, respectively.

Sunday's match day signalled the start of the quarterfinal stage which was competed at a high intensity.

At the end of play the final was disputed between Londoners The Others and Scape Goats, after the former saw off Blizzards in the semis 3-1 and the latter beat Stokemon, from Stoke-on-Trent, 2-1. Scape Goats claimed the trophy with a 3-1 win.

The trophies were presented by Fuengirola town hall's councillor for Sport, Pedro Cuevas.

Despite the inclement weather ripping one of the hall doors off, the event was a huge success with a strong attendance both at the rink and across the globe with more than 20,000 people tuning in to watch the final online.

One of the organisers, Jari Nyman, said: “We are pleased with the numbers so for the April tournament, we plan to announce the programme well in advance and do live streaming as much as possible.”

Next weekend the Fuengirola Lions will be in Liga Sur action in Murcia.