Marbella fight to the death for all three points

Corpas, amid the action of the first Marbella goal.
Corpas, amid the action of the first Marbella goal. / OPTA
  • Triumphant in San Fernando, Marbella are now second place, four points behind leaders Cartagena

Marbella gained all three points from an exciting and hotly contested fixture in San Fernando on Sunday.

In spite of the weather, both teams tried their hardest to win the game, and this made for a match that was full of opportunities and where the most important players were the two goalkeepers.

The match started out with an attacking onslaught from San Fernando, who came onto the pitch full of energy. They would certainly have scored then had it not been for the brilliance of Wilfred.

After just three minutes, the Marbella defence looked all but beaten until the goalkeeper rushed to sweep the ball out from under Óscar Martín’s feet. The striker managed to get a shot away, but it was saved.

The rebound fell to Carri, whose shot from point-blank range was, incredibly, saved by an outstretched hand. The second rebound fell to San Fernando, but the shot was well wide.

In the 30th minute, Marbella had their first major opportunity. A close-range shot was repelled by Miguel Guerrero, the home goalkeeper, who also put in an impressive display on the day.

A long-range shot from Carri, and an attempt by Pau Franc after 40 minutes at the Marbella goal were both kept out by Wilfred. Corpas had a real chance just before the break, but it was saved by Miguel.

The second half maintained the rhythm of the first, as it became clear that both teams were vying for the three points. The deadlock was broken when an incredible pass from Chus Hevia found Corpas, whose shot flew inside the far post.

The home side didn’t let Marbella lead for long. A ball from Galindo fell at the feet of Pedro Ríos who, unmarked, fired the ball past Wilfred to level the score.

From then on, the match became frenetic, as the attacks from both sides were constant. In the 69th minute a brilliant move from Corpas, Chus Hevia and Carlos Julio led to a shot that was saved by Miguel.

After Wilfred denied a thumping Óscar Martin shot in the 83rd minute, just when it seemed as if the match would end a draw, Marbella’s pressure forced Nano Cavilla into scoring an own goal, and a well-placed Luis Rioja shot put the game to bed in the final play of the match.

The result of Marbella’s tenacity is second place in the division. Los Blanquillos sit just four points off leaders Cartagena.