What should we expect to see from González's Malaga side?

González worked with Peñaranda at Granada.
González worked with Peñaranda at Granada. / S.S.
  • The team is likely to be more defensive-minded given their poor record at the back

Teams managed by José González tend to have defensive organisation at their core and a strong focus on game management.

They defend in numbers, often with ten men behind the ball, and look to break quickly, using well-rehearsed counterattacking moves.

The coach believes that 4-4-2 provides a solid team block and sufficient numbers in attack.

The key to this is a second striker that can help in midfield but quickly get up in support of the number 9.

Throughout González's career so far, this position is occupied by a player not normally considered a forward.

On the wings, González prefers using 'inverted' wingers which could see a new wide role for Diego Rolan on the left while a role up top for Adalberto Peñaranda is likely with the attacker having worked with the new boss at Granada.

The side will certainly be well-drilled in training and González will be looking to add set pieces to the side's attacking repertoire as well as cutting out unnecessarily risky play at the back.