One of last sightings of the stranded dogs. / AGENCY

Video | Mystery as no sign of dogs trapped by lava on La Palma, but rescue drones find a message instead

The animals were stranded, for several days, in an area surrounded by lava flows and it was believed to be impossible to reach them any other means


Drone operators on La Palma have failed to locate the dogs they were planning to rescue by air, after the animals became cut-off for days by lava flows from the erupting volcano.

Ash and pyroclasts from the Cumbre Vieja volcano had ruled out the possibility of a helicopter mission when it was believed impossible to approach the area on foot, because of the molten lava flows.

On Wednesday there were no signings of the dogs during reconnaissance flights with two drones, one of them equipped with thermal imaging equipment.

However, this Thursday (21 October) when drone operators zoomed in on the area they found a painted message in the pound saying the dogs were safe and well, signed by the ‘A Team’.

The lava flow that surrounded the pound is the oldest one and with the least activity now. It has cooled down somewhat in recent days so it being assumed that the anonymous rescuers entered by ground means. The drones also picked up traces of footprints in the area.

It is not yet known who rescued the dogs.